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Sites Like Soap2Day: Best Legal Alternatives That Work In 2023

Soap2Day was a free streaming service that had thousands of movies and TV series available for free. However it didn’t own the rights to stream those movies and therefore their website was blocked by the authorities of several countries. If it was banned in your country as well, I will advise you to look for legal alternatives to Soap2Day streaming website.

In this article, I will inform you about legal streaming sites that are better than Soap2Day. Some of them are free (ad supported) whereas some make you pay for the joy you derive from them. Let’s talk briefly about each of these services.

1. Tubi

Tubi Soap2Day Alternative

Tubi is indeed the best alternative to Soap2Day. It is a subsidiary of FOX Entertainment housing thousands of movies, shows and TV channels of all sorts. The site is easy to browse, with different genres of movies and shows, music concerts, sports events, etc. These are so categorized that you cannot get lost in the maze and find yourself in an unknown territory.

The important thing is that it is one of those services that don’t cost their viewers anything since they earn their revenue from advertisements. Even more important aspect of it is that it is safe. Safety is the stigma attached to free streaming services.

Download link: Android | IOS

2. Kanopy

Kanopy-Soap2Day Alternative

Good and hassle-free, this site requires your library card or student or professor login. It has a big window that offers a wide view that includes both Hollywood and World Cinema, TV and web series, documentaries and educational stuff for students. It is good for kids as well.

Kanopy is similar to Soap2Day in terms of interface and features.

Download link: Android | IOS.

3. YouTube

Youtube Soap2Day Alternative

For this streaming service, the world is without boundary. The online platform has a surprisingly robust library of ad-supported free movies. It is similar to websites like Soap2Day in the sense that both provide ad supported free videos and offer a subscription to remove advertisements from videos.

Some Free YouTube Channels:

However, YouTube is better than Soap2Day in the sense that most of the content on its platform is legal and it allows you to rent copyrighted videos.

What makes YouTube more useful is the indie videos that anyone can produce and publish on it. It has raised it from the status of a mere streaming service to significant resource of wide range of research materials. It has become a multi-purpose entity.

The major problem with it is that there are some classic movies that you won’t get even for money. But it may certainly tantalize you with infinite number of their trailers.

Download link: Android | IOS.

4. Amazon Prime Video

Primevideo Soap2Day Alternative

This should be considered an obvious choice. Just like any other Amazon offerings, Amazon Prime also returns value on investment. It means it is a paid service. It has impressive range of digital movies, documentaries, TV shows, music, sports and also Amazon’s own productions for all ages.

However, you don’t find all that you want here. It seems to cater to the taste of the time which belongs to youth. Along with videos, Amazon Prime subscription gives access to a wide range of literary works and music as well.

What is great about Amazon Prime membership is that it offers you a 30 free trial subscription and if you are a student in USA, you get a 6-month trial subscription.


Download link: Android | IOS.

5. Disney Plus

Disney plus Soap2Day Alternative

This is one of the most well-known names in the world. It’s simply not possible you don’t know about it. This service is offered by it. It has lived up to its name. It has such an amazing collection of TV shows, movies, sports and entertainment for the kids that it brings your capacity to practically grasp the entire gamut of its offerings into question.

But in order to give a hassle-free viewing experience to its viewers, it has raised its price. But that should not make you dither from availing yourself of its services; because any of the packages it offers is sure to cost you less than watching movies and shows in a theatre. That is the case with all the streaming services. Therefore, streaming services are booming like anything now.

Download link: Android | IOS.

6. Netflix

Netflix Soap2Day Alternative

This service is costlier than many others; but the streaming experience it offers is more than compensate for what is paid. If you follow the latest trend, and heavily rely on streaming instead of fix menu served by television channels, then this is the site for you. Its catalogue of content is one of the most up to date one.

However, when we praise the newness of its content, we have also to regret that some of the best known classics which are not very old are missing here. It certainly resembles Amazon Prime in this respect and for the same reasons.

Apart from adult viewers, it keeps such a treasure trove of wonderful movies, TV shows, anime and all sorts of things for kids that even the adults might become kids again to watch it. Netflix originals constitute a category of its own; some of which have even won awards in their respective category.

Download link: Android | IOS.

7. Crunchyroll

crunchyroll Soap2Day Alternative

It is unique in the sense that it exclusively spares itself for animation. It boasts world’s largest animation collection and games. Within this category, it contains all the genres that you have known so far in real action movies. It is impossible that we talk of animation and keep Japan out of it. You can fairly estimate the contribution this country has made in this category from the fact that in the year 2022, its animation market crossed 2.74 trillion yen ($20 billion). That’s awesome. This site is literally flooded with Japanese anime.

It does charge nominal subscription fees on monthly or yearly basis, but one must not mind it since it also allows you an access to the Chrunchyroll library.

Download link: Android | IOS.

8. Peacock

peacock Soap2Day Alternative

It is run by NBCUniversal, a big…big…name in media and entertainment industry.

TV programs, sporting events, news channels, all sorts of shows, all genres of movies…. It would take quite some time before you are able to finish navigating this sea from the first category to the last. You benefit from two-fold sources of its media library and streaming channels. Some of the content is truly free. And some is made available from subsidiaries like Bravo, SyFy, Lionsgate and Universal Pictures.

Of the two plans on offer, one includes commercials whereas another is free from all ads.

Download link: Android | IOS.

9. Plex

Plex Soap2Day Alternative

Plex is one of the most liked and used websites like Soap2Day to stream movies and TV-series in high quality.

This streaming service has a very good facility of sourcing content from different sources if it does not have the on-demand content on it. You can watch free of charge the TV shows, music and movies that it does have. But if you want to go premium, then there are paid plans as well. You also got to pay for anything that is sourced from other streaming services like Amazon Prime.

The quality is good and the site is safe.

Download link: Android | IOS.

10. Vudu

VUDU Soap2Day Alternative

This service caters to two different groups of people, and respects both youth and age. It allows you to rent or purchase content of your choice. There are up to 200,000 titles to choose from. It cannot be that this number misses out anything which you intend to fill your spare time with.

Download link: Android | IOS.

11. Amazon Freevee

freevee Soap2Day Alternative

Yet another Amazon service! But it is free only for Amazon Prime members. As for its content, you cannot but expect the length and breadth of Amazon from it. And this is no exaggeration. Just go on and try it out.

Download link: Android | IOS.

12. The CW

The CW is another leading movie streaming website. It’s interface quite similar to Soap2Day.

It provides two streaming options of which one allows you to download an app and straightaway start watching full seasons of popular shows. It is not known for vastness of its store for its user; but it is free. Also, you don’t have any option to go ad-free because this service is supported by ads.

Download link: Android | IOS.

13. Midnight Pulp

A paid service that meets Great Expectations of young viewership from actions, thrillers, romantic and horror movies. It features around 1500 films and 100 shows. It is one of the best and safest options for those who are looking for exploitation and cult films. Moreover, you may expect to find here stuff that you won’t find elsewhere.

Download link: Android | IOS.

14. PBS Video

PBS Video Soap2Day Alternative

From all the services dealt with here, this particular service demands that we hold it in respect. The difference it introduces through the selection (not collection) of its content is eye-catching. Because it objectifies its Vision Statement which is exactly this: “An educated, informed and inclusive region.” The content that is served on its site DOES promise to realize this vision, which, though targets a particular region and people, is all-embracing. It crosses all bounds. If you are the kind of person who is looking for a real good informational stuff, this is the place for you.

The content is classified in paid and free categories. What is produced by PBS is totally free.

Download link: Android | IOS.

15. RetroCrush

This is a great site for anime lovers. All genres are present here but in anime category. If you love all things animated, this site is for you.

Download link: Android | IOS.

16. Roku Channel

Roku Channel Soap2Day Alternative

Roku Channel allows you dispense with all the equipment (such as set up box) that bind you to TV channels that come as a package that is designed by telecommunication service of your choice. All you need is the internet connection and a Roku device. With this in place, ALL the TV channels are at your disposal and, in addition, all the entertainment-related or informational content that you find on the Net. It is yours at ALL times without costing you anything depending on which streaming service you are using. You may have to pay for some of the contents that are sourced from a streaming service that charges subscription fees or rental or purchase price. It caters to the needs of the viewers of all ages and preferences.

Download link: Android | IOS.

17. Crackle

Crackle Soap2Day Alternative

Crackle is a free streaming platform just like Soap2Day that offers a collection of TV shows, movies, and its own exclusive content. Some notable examples of Crackle’s original programming include the drama series “The Oath” and the crime thriller “StartUp.”

Crackle’s library includes a variety of genres, including action, comedy, drama, horror, and sci-fi. It is ad-supported, so you’ll encounter commercials while watching. These ads help support the service and keep it free for users.

Download link: Android | IOS.

18. Hoopla

Hoopla Soap2Day Alternative

Hoopla is not just a streaming site, it also opens its doors for you to enjoy a truly exhilarating store of e-books, audiobooks and comics. But, as it is, people stream sites more in search of movies, music, TV shows, etc than for anything else. The good news is that all that passes under the title popular is here. You can access it anywhere any time. What you need is a library card and valid email address. The requirement of a library card does seem to tell-tale the kind of viewership that it targets.

Download link: Android | IOS.

19. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is defiantly one of the best movie streaming sites like Soap2Day for watching free movies online.

This service has an interesting assortment of movies that would surprise you with titles such as Wuthering Heights and The Kid. That’s because when you browse across its categories, you will find that it is full of horror, thriller, crime, action and romantic movies and shows.

Download link: Android | IOS.

20. Xumo Play

Xumo Play is one of best movie websites like YesMovies to watch full movies online and TV serials also without creating an account.

A free, ad-supported streaming service having its entire gamut of offerings sprawling across 180 channels that serves on-demand content, covering different genres of movies, short features, clip shows, music, news, sports, TV shows, etc. However, navigating the site is not as user-friendly as most streaming services are.

Download link: Android | IOS.

21. Yidio

This is different from many other streaming sites like Soap2Day in some way in that it clearly organizes its content in different ways, such as by Free, Rent or Buy or Subscription- based services; or by the sources from which it obtains content for you; or by genres; or by new releases, and so on. You pay when it fetches content for you from other services like Amazon Prime. The good thing is that if you select the ‘Free’ button, you get all the content that comes free of charge – no matter where it comes from.

Download link: Android | IOS.

22. Reelgood

Reelgood is not similar to Soap2Day but it is one of the best movies streaming sites with no ads and popups. It sources its content from as many as 150 services. All you have to do is browse the site to locate what are interested in.

Download link: Android | IOS.

23. Distro TV

Distro TV Soap2Day Alternative

If Reelgood draws on around 150 services to bring you your on-demand content, the net of Distro TV is even wider, getting its content from more than 300 channels. This content is organized so systematically into different categories that it gives direction to disoriented minds so that they can zero in on what exactly they want at the given point of time.

You can access it via dongle or mobile or tablet.

Download link: Android | IOS.

24. IMDb TV

IMDb TV is a free streaming service owned by Amazon. It offers a selection of TV shows, including popular ones, and requires an IMDb or Amazon account.

It’s important to note that the availability of shows can vary depending on your geographical location, and the free offerings on these platforms may not include the latest episodes or the entire series.

Download link: Android | IOS.

25. Freeflix

Freeflix is another feature-rich movie streaming website like Soap2Day.

Ultimate entertainment hub – that’s the adjective used for it. But the users complain about the way it works. It has earned the reputation of trying the viewer’s patience to the extreme before giving him his due.

Download link: Android.

26. Philo

Philo TV Soap2Day Alternative

It doesn’t compete with the best in the field. It has just over 60 channels. The biggest problem with it is that it does not have too many latest releases. It also suffers from the absence of sports. Its store of content is not big but it is the site you can trust. You don’t expect to get bugged if you visit it.

Another thing, it is very cheap. And, it supports 10 different user profile and DVR with the facility to store your recording on the Cloud for the period of one year.

Download link: Android | IOS.

27. Starz

It offers the most reasonably prized service that certainly does a lot more than return the value. If you are a choosy type, this site won’t disappoint you.

Download link: Android | IOS.

28. Paramount Plus

Though it is not paramount among other services, it certainly holds impressive collection of movies and live TV. The good news for the people who seek after quality content is that this streaming service has merged with Showtime.

Download link: Android | IOS.

29. Sling TV

It provides you with an app-based TV service. You can stream any TV show or on-demand content and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. All you need to do is choose an option that suits you most…options such as Channel Add-ons, Premiums Add-ons, DVR Plus, etc.

Download link: Android | IOS.

30. DirecTV

DirecTV Soap2Day Alternative

It allows you to choose from DirecTV Satellite and DirecTV Stream, each having its own unique selling points. Its cheapest plan is $64.99/month and, just imagine, it offers as many as 165+ channels and 45000+ on-demand titles! The costliest one is $154.99, and it offers 340+ channels and 70,000+ on-demand titles! It would literally test your capacity to have it.

Download link: Android | IOS.

This is all about the list of websites like Soap2Day. All of these websites are better than Soap2Day and offers similar features.

I hope this post helps you find at least a few websites similar to Soap2Day. Enjoy watching and stay safe by using legit websites.

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