XFM Satellite Radio

The XFM are radio stations that use the FM frequency and are not actually connected to satellite radio. There are quite a few radio stations around the world who have the initial XFM in their name followed by the frequency.

The XFM 96.3 is a radio station in Singapore belonging to MediaCorp. This station has a mix of different language broadcasts. There is French, German, Hindi, Japanese and Korean programmes. Radio France International and Deutsche Welle relay the live French and German programmes of this radio station via a satellite feed. Singapore's only Bollywood Radio Station is the Big Bollywood 96.3 FM, a part of XFM 96.3. This channel is broadcasted daily from 5 to 8 pm. The XFM 96.3 is known for its international broadcasters, who focus on news, current affairs an information programmes.

Another major radio station is the XFM 98.9 in Nova Scotia. The people here feel that staying local is a key to success and they tend to listen to this radio station although there is so much of stuff available on the internet and on satellite radio. The XFM 98.9 has become the heart of the community in Antigonish, which is the highland heart of Nova Scotia. Viewing the playlist you will find a mix of local and international talent. There is the local hard rock group called The Trews and there is a good deal of country music too. There are roosty rhythms by Cape Breton's Rankin Family and the celtic crooning thrown in too. There are the popular shows like the Farmer's Forum and the Wine and Food review and Sunday Ceildith. The station is owned and run by the community itself, and there are shareholders throughout northeastern Nova Scotia. Dave Maclean is the CEO of Atlantic Broadcasters Ltd., and this company manages this radio station.

The XFM 98.9 plans to stay diversified and do not want to consolidate with any media conglomerates as they feel that in such a process the culture gets narrowed down to certain talent only and the local talents and other lesser known talents are ignored. Due to the support of the local community the XFM 98.9 has stayed strong financially. The radio station maintains very strong ties with the audience, and the programmes reflect the tastes of the people. The concept of having such a radio station was born out of the need to keep communities connected in the wake of the Great Depression of 1939. There were many labour problems and other problems faced by the local industries and two priests thought of a co-operative radio station to spread awareness of dealing with the economic issues. Money was very scarce then, but the local community recognised the value of such a radio station and came up with the amount needed even in such hard times. The radio station went on the air in 1943, and the local university provided an educational component in the daily programing. From the start the area's musical culture formed the heart of this station's musical programing.