Xact Satellite Radio

Xact Technology, LLC is a, consumer electronic product service provider, which develops, manufactures, distributes, markets and services its own products. This company is famous for providing GPS tracking devices with no subscription fees. Xact has now developed a series of models of satellite radios capable of receiving Sirius Satellite Radio broadcasts. Sirius Satellite Radio is the most popular satellite radio service in mainland United States, and you can enjoy more than 130 channels of high quality entertainment. The channels comprise of commercial-free music, news, sports and entertainment. This service has an amazing line up of channels, and includes some exclusive programs which you will not find on any other service. 

One of the models of the Xact Satellite Radio is the XTR8 plug-and-play unit. You can will be able to receive all the channels of the Sirius service and it comes with a docking kit for your vehicle. You can also buy the optional home kit which will allow you to connect this radio to your home stereo or powered speaker system. The supplied car kit has a vehicle mounting bracket, which gives you the options of mounting this radio on your dash or windshield. The car kit package also has a cigarette lighter adapter with a 6 foot connecting cable, that will plug into the left side of the radio and the other end will go into the vehicle's cigarette lighter or a 12-volt accessory power jack. The supplied magnetic antenna can be mounted on the roof or trunk lid, and should be exactly six and half inches away from the edge of the roof. The radio has the audio output connection which is a 3.5mm minijack that allows you to connect to a receiver with an auxiliary input. The FM Out, 2.5mm, sub-mini jack will let you use a wireless FM switching box. The package also contains a full-function wireless remote control. 

The Xact Satellite Radio, XTR8 is a sophisticated model with many features. It has a 5-line display, LCD screen, and the font size can be changed from normal to large. The display will give you information like channel name and number, category, song title, artist name, band or preset bank number, clock and the signal strength indicator. A manual adjustment for the screen's contrast and brightness is available. The radio features a search for songs, using different list options like channel list, artist name list or song title list. This Xact Satellite Radio can store 30 presets, and you can organize them in three banks of 10 channels each. You can store data of up to 30 of your favourite artists and songs, with the memo function. The S-Seek function will then alert you whenever a song from the list you have stored is playing on any of the channels. The memo function can also be used to store your favourite teams. 

The Xact Satellite Radio, XTR8 is capable of automatically recording 30 to 60 minutes of whatever you have tuned into. This feature enables you to pause, rewind and replay live radio streams. An indicator shows you how much of the Instant Replay memory has been used, and a Play Position indicator shows your current listening position.