WWW Sirius Satellite Radio

Sirius Satellite Radio started it broadcasts in 2002, and people have loved this radio service ever since. The radio service covers the whole of mainland United States and Canada, and you can get the same programming anywhere in this huge area. Sirius has three powerful satellites, which beam down their excellent programming in digital quality audio. Sirius is commited to providing the best content, and it spends million of dollars in getting famous personalities and sports organisations, to give you the best and most exclusive programs. All this has made Sirius Satellite Radio quite popular and presently they have over 18 million subscribers.

WWW Sirius Satellite Radio has a lot of information on its site, and it is a convenient place to shop, find information about what all programs are playing on the different channels and you can also find the different subscription packages that are available. The site provides you with reviews of all the different models of Sirius satellite radios and you can also make a purchase, if you so choose.

Sirius Satellite Radio is known for its wide range of over 130 channels. These channels cover everything in music, sports, news and entertainment. The 69 music channels are popular because they are all commercial-free and play almost all genres of music. The channels are categorised into Rock, Pop, Country, Hip-Hop, Christian, Jazz, Dance, Latin and International. These categories have several channels playing all the type of music available in that genre. WWW Sirius Satellite Radio will give you all the information you need about each of the music channels, and also you can get a summary of the programming that is going to be aired. You will also get to know about the different Djs that present the music and their area of expertise. Many of the Djs are musicians themselves and the site will give you a brief outline about their achievements and experiences.

The sport channels are full of top names in American Sport, and there are play-by-play channels that give you an in-depth coverage of the different games. Apart from the games coverage there are many shows that give expert talk, as well as interviews with popular sports personalities, team owners and other celebrities who are connected with the sport. The channels cover NBA, NFL, NHL, NASCAR, Soccer, College sports, PGA Tour, Horse racing and much more. Here too, the Sirius site will give you the full summary of the games on different channels, and also info about the different hosts that present the show.

The entertainment channels line up on WWW Sirius Satellite Radio, are full of talk programs by popular personalities like Howard Stern, Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey and more. There are also popular comedy channels and the programming for kids like Radio Disney and Kid's Place. E! Entertainment will provide you with the latest news of the box-office and Hollywood. The news channels will keep you updated on the latest developments in your country and from around the world. WWW Sirius Satellite Radio is the best place, for getting all the info you require about your favourite radio service.