WWW Sirius Radio com

WWW.SiriusRadio.com is the official website of Sirius Satellite Radio, which is the most popular satellite radio service in the United States. This service offers 130 channels of excellent programming comprising of music, sports, news/talk and talk/entertainment. The site provides all the information and services that you will need for installing and activating your Sirius satellite radio. You will also be able to listen to Sirius Internet Radio online from this site. There is also a store which has all the latest radio models for sale.

WWW.SiriusRadio.com, on its home page has the Sirius Logo on left side, and a search box on the left. There is the My Account button which will take you to a page where you can choose to set up a new account or login to your account if you already are a subscriber. For activating a new account it asks you to be prepared with the ID/ESN number on your Sirius radio, a major credit card, and to have your radio tuned to channel 184. From there it takes you other pages where you will pay through your credit card and activate your account. For existing account holders it will ask you whether you need to activate a new radio or edit your account information.

Next is the Media Player button which takes you to a page where you can sign in and start listening to the Sirius channels on the internet. The Channel Guide button will take you to a well laid out, table of contents, of all the channels available on Sirius. The table shows you the channel number, channel name, category, genre of the category and description of the channel. You can click on any of the channel names and it will take you to a page where all the programs of the channels are described and also gives you information regarding the hosts or the Djs of the different programs. You can search the Channel Guide by first choosing the type of package that you have subscribed, and then filtering it by a category.

In the second line of buttons, there is the “What Is Sirius” button, which has sub-headings like Where To Get Sirius, Packages & Services, Satellite Radios and Internet Radio. The Packages & Services section has sub-headings like Satellite Radio, Internet Radio, Business, Traffic, Marine Weather, Backseat TV and Travel Link. Clicking on the Business button, you will be taken to a page where Sirius offers 67 channels of commercial-free music to business establishments. You can fill in your contact info and the type of establishment you are running and you will be contacted by an authorized agent of the company. The Traffic Link button, takes you to a page where Sirius is offering additional services apart from its 130 channels. It offers real-time traffic data, weather information, fuel prices in your local area, sports scores and movie listings.

WWW.SiriusRadio.com has a lot of more information to offer. It gives you all the new shows and programs at a glance. It gives you all the latest deals and applications that are available and lots more.