www Sirius Radio

You can now be able to listen to well over 120 channels of commercial free music, sports, talk, news and entertainment from the Sirius satellite radio website and you can sample some of the coolest and latest songs that have been released.
On the website listeners can sign in and activate their accounts for those who don’t have one and for those who are already members they can login and listen to music online using their PCs or on their laptops. You can also get to listen to the wide range of programs that are available on Sirius Radio. You can be sign in using your ID/ESN number which you will get from the Sirius receiver that you have bought. You also need to possess a major credit card from a reputable company so that there will be no hitches.
At the Sirius website you can listen to Sirius Radio Canada and get to enjoy the numerous channels plus the five stations which have been added from Canada. You can listen to Howard Stern all day besides getting some few home tips from Martha Stewart who will leave you inspired with her team of experts. Comedy lovers can also enjoy uncensored jokes from family friendly favorites which are guaranteed to leave your ribs tickled to the fullest. Oprah Winfrey has her own show too which runs for 24 hours in a day giving you life changing teachings and tips apart from the interviews with famous personalities.
You can also get to know about hoe to install your Sirius players which you have bought, since there are two alternatives: you can either do it yourself or seek professional help once you request for the service. There are also illustrations on the best methods of installing your Sirius home antennas and the proper way in which you can connect your satellite radio in your home or maybe in the office. You can sample the various antennas on offer, from the weather proof ones to the vehicle mounted ones so that you can get better reception and not have your programs interrupted by loss of signal or due to tall building s or tunnels.
Lovers of politics can keep abreast with what is happening not only around the country but also around the world through the Political channel on Sirius Radio. You can listen to interviews from governors to senators airing their views on the different issues affecting the American people on a day to day basis. Through this website listeners can access the different satellite radios, accessories, antennas and the various models of power adapters, the various Sirius radios available which can be fitted in your car.
Sirius is indeed the best radio on radio and with their wide range of content the opportunities are endless. At Sirius Radio, one can get to enjoy the best music and entertainment even while you are on the move because Sirius has been enabled in windows powered phones. Through this, fans can sample the various channels and choose which suits them better.