Station Name: Web Radio Maresia FM Bossa Nova

Internet Radio stations and Television From: Brazil

Radio Maresia FM Bossa Nova was conceived as a result of the need to cater for the needs of people who love Bossa Nova music. This station is one among many stations under the umbrella of Radio Maresia FM. The power of online communication has made it possible for multi-channel stations such as this one to offer music of different genres to different groups of people.

One of these genres is Bossa Nova. This channel is even being made available on other websites. This shows that its popularity is increasing. The number of listeners who are streaming program content from this station has also been increasing in recent years.

 This station is the best meeting point for popular Bossa Nova artists. They include Joao Gilberto, Jobim and Celso Fonseca among very many others. The station has a 48-speed limit and can be played on a Windows media player or webcasts. Many historians say that the decision to provide an online medium for this type of music which evolved from Samba is important. They say that it is a critical milestone towards preservation of a precious music genre.

Radio Maresia FM Bossa Nova is now available the world over. Whether you are in Brazil or in Spain, all you need is a computer that has access to internet. The only thing you have to do in order to listen to synchronized content is set the time format to that of Brazil.

People who have never had an opportunity as Bossa Nova artists now have a platform to display their talents for the entire world to see. This is no mean achievement for the people who run the radio station. As if this is not enough, artists can showcase videos of their performances in the same websites. These videos are the best sources of interactive commentaries from online listeners.

Web Radio Maresia FM Bossa Nova


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Web Radio Maresia FM Bossa Nova
Web Radio Maresia FM Bossa Nova - Internet radio station From :: Brazil
Country/State Brazil
City Webcast
Language Portuguese
Speed 48
Sound Stereo
Radio/TV Radio
Live/On Demand Live
Station type Bossa Nova
Player Windows Media
Home Page Web Radio Maresia FM Bossa Nova Homepage
ScheduleWeb Radio Maresia FM Bossa NovaSchedule Not Available
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