Station Name: VRT Radio 2 West-Vlaanderen

Internet Radio stations and Television From: Belgium

If you live in Belgium or have immense interest in the country’s information-entertainment scene, you must have heard of in internet radio known as VRT Radio 2 West Vlaanderen. The station transmits from Oost Vlaanderen city in Dutch. This is a general station that you can also listen to on your ordinary radio. It transmits stereo-type sound.

The speed of the station is 32 and it uses Winamp or Quick Time to transmit broadcasts online. The station can also be listened to using the most readily available player, the Windows Media Player. The homepage you need to go to in order to hook up with the online broadcasts is different from the one that you should visit when you to check out the schedule of programs.

VRT stands for Vlaamse Radio en Televisieomroep, which means Flemish Radio and Television Network. This broadcaster is publicly funded and is found in the northern region of Belgium.

VRT acquired this name in 1991. Previously it was referred to as BRT. This station has a long history that dates back to 1930. During this time, the station only broadcast radio programs. TV programs were introduced in 1953. BRT was broadcasting programs with Dutch content only. On the other hand, RTBF was broadcasting programs with French content. BRTN acquired a new status when it too changed its name and was now referred to as VRT.

Back then, it was unheard of for stations to be listened to online. Today, many things have changed and the broadcaster is able to reach millions of listeners the world over through webcasts. This new online features make the station one of the most powerful information sharing and entertainment media of 2009. External production locations have also contributed a great deal to this success. These formats available in may different formats that meet the needs of people who use different varieties of information technology systems.

VRT Radio 2 West-Vlaanderen


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VRT Radio 2 West-Vlaanderen
VRT Radio 2 West-Vlaanderen - Internet radio station From :: Belgium
Country/State Belgium
City Oost Vlaanderen
Language Dutch
Speed 32
Sound Stereo
Radio/TV Radio
Live/On Demand Live
Station type General Station
Player Winamp /Quick Time / Other
Home Page VRT Radio 2 West-Vlaanderen Homepage
ScheduleVRT Radio 2 West-VlaanderenSchedule Not Available
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