Station Name: VAS (Voice of Afghans Solidarity Radio)

Internet Radio stations and Television From: Afghanistan

VAS is a very popular radio station that operates in Kabul, the Afghan capita. The initials VAS stand for Voice of Afghans Solidarity Radio. The language used is Pashto. The speed of transmission is 10, which is more than sufficient for radio broadcasts.


The sound quality used is mono. This station used different transmission platforms, including online and satellite radio options. In the case of online radio, transmission is automatic and live as long as you have visited the appropriate website. All a computer should have is a Windows media player and internet connection.


One of the main problems affecting broadcasting in Afghanistan is political instability. VAS has been targeted by arsonists and gunmen several times. During the Soviet invasion, there was a lot of oppression, which the Soviet Union intended to remain a secret. VAS was in the forefront in uncovering atrocities that the world would otherwise never have known anything about. This caused many journalists to be targeted for attacks and accusations of causing civil unrest.


The conservative nature of Afghanistan is another issue that causes a lot of friction. Many stations, including VAS radio, are considered to be too liberal and morally corrupt. Islamists hate to see what they perceive to be moral imperialism being entrenched through the country’s mass media. For this reason, many Islamist groups hold very negative views about the station. In deed, the ruling elite have accused them many times of acts of sabotage on VAS.


Prior to 2001, Afghan media had not flourished a lot. However, once the fall of Taliban came that same year, the media started flourishing. However, many journalists have been facing frequent threats from warlords as well as the Taliban remnants that are still fighting the US counter-terrorism forces. Today, VAS lives on and it is now on air and online. It is now easy to follow Afghan’s political developments wherever you are in the world.

VAS (Voice of Afghans Solidarity Radio)


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VAS (Voice of Afghans Solidarity Radio)
VAS (Voice of Afghans Solidarity Radio) - Internet radio station From :: Afghanistan
Country/State Afghanistan
City Kabul
Language Pashto
Speed 10
Sound Mono
Radio/TV Radio
Live/On Demand Live
Station type General Station
Player Windows Media
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