Used Sirius Radios

Sirius Satellite Radio service has more than 10 million subscribers in the United States alone. The radio service is quite popular and people do not mind paying a monthly subscription fee to listen to the excellent line up of over 140 channels, consisting of music, sports, entertainment, talk and news. There are more than 65 channels of commercial-free music of all genres and include Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Classical, Country, Christian and many more. The sport channels give you coverage of all popular games and include NBA, NASCAR, NHL, NFL, Soccer, College, Horse racing, PGA Tour and many other popular events. The entertainment line up has all the popular talk shows like Howard Stern, Martha Stewart, Oprah and channels also include comedy and E! Entertainment. The news channels have the popular and trusted names like CNN, CNBC, BBC, Fox News and many more.

Due to the popularity of Sirius Satellite Radio service, there if a demand for Sirius Radios as well. Many new models keep coming into the market with better features and controls. Used Sirius Radios, also are in demand as they can be got at a lower price and with the remaining subscription. Many people buy new models and want to sell the Used Sirius Radios, and you will find lots of ads  in forums and on eBay of these radios. If you are lucky you will also find a sparingly used latest model of Sirius Radio on one of the auction sites or in a forum.

There is an excellent offer on eBay about a Used Sirius Radio, and the model is a portable Stiletto 2, which is almost in new condition. The whole package is for sale and the bidding starts at $99. The package includes Sirius Stiletto 2 Portable Satellite Radio, Earbud Headphones, Antenna headset, AC power adapter, USB cable, a Sirius Home kit, PC software and user guide. The Stiletto 2 model combines a satellite radio and a player. You can store and play MP3 and WMA files, and thus you can create your own personal music library. This radio is fully portable and also can record live radio for up to 100 hours. You can also augment the internal memory with the MicroSD, media slot. The radio is also Wi-Fi enabled so that you can listen to Sirius radio through the internet wherever the Wi-Fi service is available. The radio has a bright 2.2 inch full color display, that will give you all the information regarding channel number and name, category, song title, artist name and so on. You can also schedule a recording of your favourite programs, and listen to them later.

A new Stiletto 2 will cost you around $225 on the amazon site. If you consider that this Used Sirius Radio also comes with a home kit that alone costs $50 you have a good bargain on your hands, as the bidding starts at $99. As we can see from this example you can get some very good bargains, by purchasing Used Sirius Radios online.