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Banner advertising is a low cost way to draw special attention to your business. You can use banners to advertise your grand opening, special events, or a special sale at your business.

Let us get the internet banner advertising for your business. A banner ad is a graphic image of your logo, product or business message prominently displayed below the tuner screen with a direct link to your web site in a 468px * 60 px format. When you join you will be eligible for some banner promotions that will help you get the internet advertising for your business that you need.

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Campaign Conditions

  • All advertising campaigns are manually reviewed for relevancy and accuracy, if yours is rejected, we will refund your money in full
  • All campaigns must be purchased on multiples of 5.000

Terms of service and conditions of use:

  • Worldtvradio does not accept links from sites that we know are spammers (your kind is not welcome on these pages anyway).
  • We do not accept listings from sites that contain false or misleading claims or promotes ineffective or dangerous products.
  • Worldtvradio also does not accept links for alcohol, tobacco, gambling, illegal products, firearms or pornography.
  • We will not accept banners with links to any sites whose home page contains anything that would be considered as "intrusive in nature" such as attempts to place "spyware" or anything else on our user's computers without their knowledge (with the exception of "cookies").
  • Your site must contain a reasonable number of pages and relevant content.
  • We do not accept one page sites, or sites that consist only of links to other web sites.
  • We do not accept direct links to PDF files, Word files or any files other than standard web pages (although your web page can contain links to these types of files).
  • Your site should not be under construction and all links must be working.
  • Sites must contain privacy policies, and complete contact information.
  • Any campaign that violates our standards may be removed from the banner campaign at anytime and without notice.
  • You agree to indemnify and hold worldtvradio, its representatives, agents, advertisers, listed companies, partners, or other linked party; blameless, and free from any claim or demand made by any third party arising from the use of the service, its availability, suitability, and any content linked to from our services.



The links in our banner section will connect you with another site. These sites are not under the control of worldtvradio and worldtvradio is not responsible for the contents of any linked site or any link contained in the banners shown. worldtvradio is providing these links to you after a manual revision for accuracy and relevancy however, the inclusion of any banner does not imply endorsement of worldtvradio to the site, or the products or services offered in the site linked.


Rates & Banner Specifications:

  • Dimension: 468x60
  • Max Size: 28k
  • Format: JPG/GIF- Animated / Non-animated


Advertising By Impressions
Impressions Cost (US) Cost per 1000 (US)
5,000 $15.00 $3.00
10,000 $27.50 $2.75
20,000 $55.00 $2.75
50,000 $125.00 $2.50
100,000 $200.00 (Best Deal)    $2.00
Advertising by Day
Days Cost (US) Cost per day (US)
1 Day $15.00 $15.00
2 Days $27.50 $13.75
4 Days $55.00 $13.75
10 Days $100.00 $10.00
1 Month $200.00 (Best Deal)    $6.60 aprox


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