Station Name: Top Iliria Radio

Internet Radio stations and Television From: Albania

Albania is one of the countries that have taken up online media with a lot of enthusiasm and one of the Albanian online radio stations is Top Iliria Radio, based in the city of Tirana. This is a positive development, considering the advantages of online radio.


Top Iliria radio mostly broadcasts Folklore type programmes, which are popular with the Albanian people. By extension, these types of programmes are spreading and slowly being embraced by other people who have the opportunity to listen.


With good connection speed, it is easy for people outside of Albania to get good quality reception, and therefore follow through the programmes.


However, the language of broadcast used by Top Iliria Radio is Albanian. While this may restrict the listenership to only those who understand the language, the positive aspect of it is that it gives an opportunity for those who may have an interest in learning the language an opportunity to learn it in practice.


Since transmission of programmes is done live, one can connect to Top Iliria Radio anytime and be able to catch the programmes in real time. To connect, one simply needs a computer and connection to the internet. By going to the Top Iliria Radio homepage and launching the station, one is good to go.


For those who have never heard of, or experienced online media and radio in particular, it may sound like a far fetched idea. But until one gets to experience it and understand the unlimited possibilities that online radio comes with, it may be a bit difficult for someone to get the idea of online radio.

Luckily, many people are getting exposure to the internet daily, and a good number know what it is all about. Definitely, in a few years to come, online radio will be more commonly known.

Top Iliria Radio


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Top Iliria Radio
Top Iliria Radio - Internet radio station From :: Albania
Country/State Albania
City Tirana
Language Albanian
Speed 64
Sound Stereo
Radio/TV Radio
Live/On Demand Live
Station type Folklore
Player Windows Media
Home Page Top Iliria Radio Homepage
ScheduleTop Iliria RadioSchedule Not Available
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