Television Online Indonesia ESP

The Indonesia part of the world TV Radio network is taken care of by four channels. The Metro News TV, RCTI TV, SCTV Liputan 6T and TRI TV.

The Metro News TV as the name suggests is a channel dedicated to the news and affairs of Indonesia and all over the globe. The channel is being aired or transmitted from the city of Jakarta, in Indonesia. The speed of the channel is 200. This television channel has website and the homepage is linked through the Home page Link on the page which describes the different channels of Indonesia and the technical details on the page on the World TV and Radio network’s website. The home page of the Metro news website is further divided in to seven sections excluding the home page. The seven sections are live streaming, SMS 6876, Jadwal Acara, Anchor, Tentang Kami, Kontak and Index. There is a variety of news being presented here. The viewer can choose to view the news they are interested in.

The major television channel from Indonesia is the Tri TV. The Tri TV channel is provided by Triple play Technology LLC. The Tri TV home site has many navigation buttons which take the viewer to the different pages in the Tri TV website. There are totally ten navigation buttons, excluding the home page. Profile, down load, free advertising, Inbox, VOD, Christianity, Live TV, Videos, FAQ and search are the different pages on the website. The Live TV section is again divided in to different categories like Business, Religious, Sports, Movies, SMG channel, General, Educational and Entertainment sections.

In addition to the live broad casting of so many of the above channels, there is also a facility of re-broadcasting from a variety of TV stations like SCTV, Metro TV. The technology used is IPTV. The Tri TV offers a mixed bag with live regular TV and also streaming videos.

The RCTI TV is a true entertainment television channel online in the Indonesian network. The channel is actually named as PT Raja Citra Televisi Indonesia channel. It has a wide variety of vibrant entertainment. There are movies, reality shows, Serial TV, Infotainment and more. The homepage of this RCTI takes the user to several different pages when the navigation button is pressed or clicked upon. There are a total of thirteen sub sections here. The Sinetron, Movies, reality TV, Religion TV, Musik, Program Anak, Berita, Ifotainment, Variety show, Game show, Olahraga and Sitkom are the various sections. Depending upon the viewer’s taste they can choose to watch any of these.