Television Online Indonesia

The World TV and radio network has dedicated channels for over 100 countries. The television channel from Indonesia is the Tri TV. The Tri TV channel is provided by Triple play Technology LLC. The Tri TV home site has many navigation buttons which take the viewer to the different pages in the Tri TV website. There are totally ten navigation buttons, excluding the home page. Profile, down load, free advertising, Inbox, VOD, Christianity, Live TV, Videos, FAQ and search are the different pages on the website. The Live TV section is again divided in to different categories like Business, Religious, Sports, Movies, SMG channel, General, Educational and Entertainment.

There is a Videos section which deals with adding, uploading, featured videos and all videos. The viewer can sign up for free and then continue to make a profile on the web site to enjoy all the free features. There are loads of entertainment venues for the Indonesian viewers. The general TV is again categorised in to TV (one) from Indonesia proper, NOS from Netherlands, France 24 live and DW TV Germany. The videos added on the site are totally free from pornography or sex. It neither includes acts of hatred or terror. The videos are all of excellent quality and the site encourages viewers also to contribute videos. The viewers can either add their selected videos or have the choice of uploading them from their own sources.

The Tri TV Indonesia also provides a facility of direct broad casting for the church services, concert music and the special event streaming and all these are broad casted live for the convenience of the viewers. In addition to the live broad casting of so many of the above channels, there is also a facility of re-broadcasting from a variety of TV stations like SCTV, Metro TV. The technology used is IPTV. The Tri TV offers a mixed bag with live regular TV and also streaming videos.

The Christianity forum includes a Tri TV podcast for the benefit of its viewers. Also it has a Christian life blog to exchange views on the various ways of life from the view of a Christian. There is asection devoted especially to the study of the bible. Over all the Christianity section looks forward to connecting Christians from Indonesia to each other and also to the other who share the same religious values from all over the globe.