Serbia Montenegro Television

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The World TV Radio network has specified sections for each of the countries and the languages also. Europe section is again sub divided in to many other sites according to the countries which make up the European Continent. Serbia is another one of the countries included in the European continent. There are only five channels included in the Serbia section of the World TV Radio network. No hassle, no queue, no wait, no downloading they are just required to visit the page and by just clicking it they will find their live TV that too free of cost.

B-92, Kanal D-TV, RTV-Pink, RTV 1, RTV 2 are the five channels in Serbian language. The RTV Pink channel is managed by the TV Pink brand. This TV Pink is an international entertainment company which provided all its satellite television facilities through two of its outfits, the Pink Plus and Pink Extra. Pink Plus offers entertainment to the Serbian viewers and it was launched in the year 1999. The RTV-Pink offers a medley of entertainment to its viewers with movies, programs for kids, news and weather reports too. It functions just like the regular television, except for the fact that the viewers watch the programs on the Personal computer instead of the Television. But the internet television is any time better because of the quality of the programs and also because the viewer can choose to view the selected program at their own time schedules.