Station Name: Telediaspora TV

Internet Radio stations and Television From: Ivory Coast

There are some Television stations in the world that are not only a great way to tell the local scene as it is but an inspiration to all to uphold the life of a common person with dignity and respect. Telediaspora TV from the heart of Ivory Coast is one such television station that continues to telecast even if the land from which it is being broadcast is facing political crisis.

Through ample African music, movies, news and other programming, the station is able to keep its audience not only entertained but also informed. Telediaspora TV is a television in Ivory Coast and broadcasts broadly through the use of French, which is widely spoken across many West African countries. It is based in Abidjan, capital of Ivory cost and only requires you to use just about 150 speeds to access it. The quality of music is quite splendid and offers not only information on entertainment, contact, News, and others but also article news on it is home page.

You can always access it at any time for any query and you will be on your way to accessing a station that has a homepage with English translations. It is largely a news and talk television as much as it offers occasion African movies and music. Using windows media, you can play the station and understand what it is all about. It is a live TV and you can access it for live talks and breaking news not only in Ivory Coast and Across Africa but also in other parts of the world.

A good internet connection will give you this station at the heart of your Personal Computer while you can always connect to it from wherever you might be across the world. Since it is a country that has faced quite a good share of political upheavals, all its citizenry in the Diaspora have a chance to watch what is happening at home.

Telediaspora TV


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Telediaspora TV
Telediaspora TV - Online TV channel From :: Ivory Coast
Country/State Ivory Coast
City Abidjan
Language French
Speed 150
Sound Stereo
Radio/TV TV
Live/On Demand Live
Station type News/Talk
Player Windows Media
Home Page Telediaspora TV Homepage
ScheduleTelediaspora TVSchedule Not Available
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