Syrius Satellite Radio

Syrius Satellite Radio started broadcasting in 2002, and since then has grown in popularity and people prefer to listen to this service because of its excellent programming content. Syrius Satellite Radio started covering the whole of mainland United States from coast to coast, and is now available in Canada as well. Syrius has three powerful satellites in geo-stationery orbits above the United States, and they beam down more than 120 channels of commercial-free entertainment. Syrius has spent a lot of money in getting exclusive programming content for its subscribers. The company has spent millions in signing deals with famous radio personalities like Howard Stern and others, and also sports organisations like NASCAR.

Syrius Satellite Radio offers music, sports, news and entertainment on its channels. There are more than 65 channels devoted to music. It plays the popular genres of music like Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Jazz/Blues, Classical, Latin/international, Christian, Dance/Elec and many more. These genres are further divided into sub-categories, so that you will have at least 10 to 15 channels devoted only to Rock. The music channels have the latest hits, as well as all the old evergreen tunes. Majority of the listeners tune in on these music channels as there is music that caters to all preferences.

The sport channels cover all the popular sports in United States and there are exclusive channels for NASCAR. Many channels are devoted to play-by-play coverage of your favourite games. There is NFL, NHL, NBA, Soccer, PGA Tour, Horse Racing and many more. There are certain sport channels which give you behind the scenes updates and interviews with the players and team owners. You will get to hear the latest buzz in the game, and also news of sport events from around the world.  Popular channels like ESPN will bring you interview and news of the favourite players and games.

The entertainment channels have a great line up of different programming for all age groups. There is Disney Radio and Kids Place for children, and other channels that are popular talk shows hosted by famous personalities like Oprah and others. There is E! Entertainment which will keep you updated of all the box office news and every thing that is happening in Hollywood. Informative channels like Family and Health will keep you informed of the latest developments in medicine and health issues. There are programs on gardening, cooking and other activities which give useful guidelines and tips on these topics.

The news channels are covered by the best names in the business like Fox news, CNN, BBC, CNBC and many others. Apart from giving you the latest news these channels provide different perspectives on the latest events and happenings by interviewing different people of varied backgrounds. There is the latest financial news which will keep you updated on the state of the economy and news of various company's performances. There are the famous interviews with Larry King and other famous hosts.

Syrius Satellite Radio is available for a subscription fee of only about $12 to $13 a month, which is hardly anything, if you see the line up of interesting programs that they provide.