Subscribe To Sirius Radio

Subscribe To Sirius Radio and you will be enjoying world-class entertainment, over an array of 140 channels. Sirius Satellite Radio service is very popular in the United States and Canada, and people can enjoy the broadcasts in high fidelity digital audio. Sirius has three powerful satellites and a network of terrestrial signal repeaters, to give you uninterrupted radio stream, wherever you are in mainland United States, from coast to coast. There are also different types of Sirius satellite radio models available that let you listen to the service at home, in you vehicle and also in your boat. Now there are sophisticated portable models also available, that let you enjoy the excellent programming even on the go. Once you Subscribe To Sirius Radio, you can also listen to it on your computer and on your iPhone. Sirius has recently put a free application on the iPhone and you will be able to receive many channels on this device. For computer users, there is the Premium Sirius Internet Radio, and you can listen to all the channels over a broadband connection.

The excellent line up of channels is reason enough, to Subscribe To Sirius Radio. After the merger with rival XM, Sirius now offers the best of XM channels also, in its line up. You will have more than 140 channels consisting of music, sports, entertainment, talk and news. These channels present the best artists, hosts and personalities that are there in the business today. Sirius has spent millions of dollars to make deals with famous personalities and sports organisations, to provide you with the best exclusive programming. You will get to hear Howard Stern, Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey and also have exclusive sport channels like NASCAR and more.

Subscribe To Sirius Radio and you will get more than 65 commercial-free music channels. These channels have an amazing line up of all possible genres of English music that you can think of. There are 13 channels devoted to Pop itself and you get all the latest hits and the golden oldies. The Rock category has 22 channels featuring all the possible sub-genres like heavy metal, garage bands and so on. There are 5 Dance streams from Electronic to disco. The Hip-hop category has 3 channels and cover the old school to the latest from the South. Other genres of music include R&B, Country, Classical, Christian, Latin, Jazz, Standards and International.

If you want to be entertained on your long commute, Subscribe To Sirius Radio, as its entertainment streams include Howard Stern, comedy channels, news and gossip of box office and Hollywood, Martha Stewart, Radio Disney, Political channels and many more. The sports channel line up give you an excellent coverage of all the popular games and sporting events. They cover NBA, NASCAR, NHL, Soccer, NFL, College, Horse racing, PGA Tour and many more. The news channels will provide round-the-clock coverage of all the important events from around the globe. There are trusted names like CNN, Fox News, CNBC, NPR, Bloomberg and many more.