Sirus Tuner

A Sirius Tuner is a device which will receive the Sirius Satellite Radio signals on to your Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready receiver. Sometimes this tuner is a built-in component of a satellite radio.  The popularity of the Sirius Satellite Radio service has made many audio-equipment manufacturers, make different models and designs of the Sirius Tuner. This radio service is available through out continental United States from coast to coast. There are more than 120 channels of quality entertainment, available in commercial-free streams. There is 65 channels devoted to music and the rest are for sports, entertainment and news. There are programs for everyone, and the popular channels include E! Entertainment, Disney, Oprah radio, Health and Family, NBA, NFL, Financial news, Fox news and many more.

The Sirius Tuner has evolved from being a box, to be used at home to the most compact device which is portable. A Sirius Tuner, depending on the model, is designed to work in a home environment or in a vehicle or a boat. The main factor is the compatibility of the tuner with your receiver. The Sirius Tuner for home is usually compatible with a Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready AV receiver, and can be seamlessly integrated into your home theater system. All the components required for an effective installation is usually given in the package, when you buy the Sirius Tuner. It will have the tuner itself, the antenna, the connecting cable for the antenna and the cable for connecting the tuner to your receiver. The 8-pin DIN connecting cable, will take care of the power requirements, audio output and controls of your tuner. A separate AC adapter is also supplied in case your receiver is unable to transfer the power. Once connected, the controls on your receiver should be able to control the tuner. The tuner enables you to scan the channels by number or categories, and also allows you preset your favourite channels. The information regarding the channel name and number, the category, song title, and artist name will all be shown on the display of your receiver. A Sirius Tuner sometimes may not be compatible with the receiver that you have and in such a case you will have to go in for an adapter which will interface between the two devices.

Any type of Sirius Tuner will always need an antenna to receive the Sirius Satellite Radio signals. Sirius uses three powerful satellites to beam down the signals and hence the antenna needs to have a clear line of sight of the sky. The antenna of the home Sirius Tuner can be placed on the roof of the house or on the window sill. The antenna should have an un-obstructed view of the sky. If it is an antenna for a vehicle Sirius Tuner, then it should be mounted on the roof of the car or on the trunk lid. These antennas usually have a very strong magnetic base and you will just need to place them on the roof. Usually most Sirius Tuners use a SMB input and a single connecting cable for the antenna.