Sirus Satellite Radio

Sirus is one of the two major service providers who offer satellite radio. Sirus satellite radio began in the early 1990s when the FCC allocated the first Satellite spectrums. Sirus satellite radio broadcasts a wide range of topics. From music, news, sports, kid entertainment programs, talk shows, traffic updates among others. Sirus satellite radio has different peoples taste in mind. It also broadcasts international channels such as BBC. You can get Sirus satellite radio through radio or the internet if you choose an internet subscription.

One of the reasons music lovers like Sirus satellite radio is because it has a wide range of music stations categorized differently. These stations are usually devoted to broadcasting a particular subject. These stations are usually referred to as dedicated channels. For instance there is a dedicated music channel for the grateful dead. This channel plays music of musicians who have passed on. Other channels are also categorized according to iconic groups. For instance if you are a fun of Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley, you will be pleased to know that you can listen to them 24 hours a day. In fact, the Elvis station broadcasts live from Graceland. You can listen to everything you want to know about Elvis Presley; his life, music, hits, songs that have never been heard before and his classics.

Sirus satellite radio also has limited broadcasting for some artists, for instance, Rolling Stones. What happens is that they broadcast the artist for a limited time period. Let’s say 3 months depending on a lot of factors. During holiday seasons, let’s say Christmas, Sirus satellite radio dedicates a channel or two to play holiday music throughout.

Sirus satellite radio provides up to date information on various kinds of news such as business, political and sports. You will have access to all the latest debates, opinions, analysis and highlights of what is happening all over the world. Stations such as the CNBC provide updates in the business world. There are also stations which provide tip and updates in the fashion world, cooking and style. If you are a sports enthusiast, keep up to date with gaming commentaries and your favorite sports team. There are live call in shows and celebrity hosts.

The good thing about Sirus satellite radio is that some of the stations have been done in different languages. These include English, French and Spanish. Sirus satellite radio is accessible to anyone since it is quite inexpensive. To receive the services, you will need to buy a satellite radio receiver.

The Sirus Satellite radio merged together with XM radio, which is also a satellite radio. The new station is now called Sirius XM radio. It offers over 200 channels of music, which is a very bountiful supply of programming. You can be sure that whatever your age, whether you are 5 or 80, there is something for you in Sirius XM radio. The merger was carried out in order to broaden the services and qualities of satellite radio.