How would you feel if you could listen to your favorite SIRUS radio anywhere? Yes, it is now possible due to SIRIUS Internet Radio that can play your choice of music, news, weather updates or traffic news at any place that has a broadband internet connection. If you don’t have a radio, there is nothing to worry. You can always enjoy it on your laptop directly, via a matching online radio, iPhone or iPod Touch phone.

The online SIRUS Radio offers more than 120 channels that play a considerable number of tracks, sports news, news updates and traffic and weather details without a single commercial to interrupt your radio session. The whole programming is done with the aim of providing convenience to the listener. Moreover, the PREMIUM SIRIUS radio broadcasts top-quality music that is close to a CD and a treat for the ears.

If you are wondering whether you will have the same sound quality on the internet as you get on the satellite SIRUS Radio, rest assured as all this is taken care of. The entire range of totally ad-free music channels are offered online and are identical to the satellite programs. Moreover, a listener can subscribe to the online radio without having to buy a set! However there are certain limitations for internet broadcasting of sports, news updates and entertainment channels so the listeners have to compromise on some content.

Did you know that you can have additional XM channels with your satellite SIRUS Radio membership? When you add ‘the Best of XM’ you can avail of Oprah Radio, MLB Home Plate, NHL and NBA matches, Opie and Anthony, the 24x7 NHL Home Ice Channel, college sports, PGA Tour network and XM Public radio. What do these shows have? Let us find out below.

Oprah Radio: Learn the secrets of living life to its fullest with Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King and Dr. Oz.

MLB Home Plate: The professional anchors will take you on a journey of baseball news, rumors, injury to players and scores at the World Series as well as off season activities. This channel is heaven for a baseball enthusiast.

NBA:  This channel will allow you to listen to the standard NBA Games, the Playoffs till the Final matches.

The Virus: This radio channel will enchant you and has Opie and Anthony as the morning show hosts and Ron and Fez later in the day.

NHL Home Ice: This is the world’s earliest hockey channel, and will offer you an eclectic combination of news and entertainment. It is probably the best on-ice leader for North American listeners as it gives an on-the-dot review of the happenings.

The PGA Tour Network: This channel covers the British Open, all PGA events consisting of golf updates, tour scores and golfer details.

XM Public Radio: The XM Public Radio is full of enjoyment and insightful as well. It includes highly acclaimed and special shows by Bob Edwards.

Now you must have realized the varied entertainment that SIRUS Radio offers its listeners online and via satellite!