Sirus FM radio

   You will be able to know the benefits of having radio if you see the schedule list of the sirus radio channels. You will have a wide range of option to choose, as there are plenty of music channels for the listener to hear.  You will able to hear whatever you like such as hip-hop, country music, classic rocks etc. they also many other channels for the listeners who have interest other than music like sports, news, business, entertainment etc. if you like to get information about your health, then you can tune into doctor radio. For sports lovers you will be able to receive a to z information about sports if you have this satellite radio. They also has channels to offers tips on cooking, gardening, pet care etc. your sirus satellite radio has many advantages over your regular fm radios
   Sirus fm radio offers more option and choices to its listener which they could not even dream of. All you have to do to avail this is to subscribe to sirus and get their special receivers. When you consider the service and variety they provide, the subscription fees are generally very low.  You will be able to hear to sirus satellite radio anywhere you want like in car. Sirus is one of the largest and fast growing service providers in the United States. It has almost an amazing collection of over 120 channels. The main reason for people to opt for sirus satellite radio fm is its excellent quality of its propagation signals, which makes its transmission effective, accurate and clear without any sort of discomfort. Usually the sound reception and quality of signal is far much better than your normal analog radio service providers. You will not face any noise disturbance, which is often associated when you are listening to normal fm and am radio stations.

   Fcc has approved license to sirus satellite fm radio for transmitting the digital radio signal in America. Sirus fm has its head quarters in the New York City. Sirus fm satellite began its service from 1st July 2002. Now there are three satellites that is in operation for sirus fm satellite radio. Sirus satellite fm radio has an affordable subscription monthly fee of only 12.95$.  This works on 128kb/sec format, which is very akin to CD audio quality.  The high fidelity of the sirus fm satellite radio is due to the use of PAC encoding technology. The technique used for reception of satellite fm radio signal is akin to the GPS device. They do not generally need a pointer. One of the advanced features of the sirus fm satellite radio is you will be able to view the information about the artist, music title etc on the LCD screen of the receiver. However now sirus is working on to develop a technique for streaming video broadcasting. This will be made available to the public soon when the technology becomes secure enough. Surely you will find sirus satellite fm radio worthwhile and useful.