Sirrus Tuner

To receive Sirius Satellite Radio signals you need a Sirius Tuner. Sirius Satellite Radio has gained a lot of popularity in the United States, and people like to listen to it at home and in their vehicles. The Sirius Tuner also accordingly is designed for the two environments. There are also models of Sirius Tuners that can be connected to marine radios, if you want the broadcast in a boat. There are more than 120 channels on the Sirius Satellite Radio service, and about 65 are devoted to music of different genres, like Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, Latin, Classical and many others. All streams of this radio service are totally commercial-free, and the service is available across mainland United States. This service has a lot of sport channels which cover all the popular games like NBA, NASCAR, Soccer, NFLand many more. You will be kept entertained by their excellent line-up of entertainment channels like Disney, E! Entertainment, Comedy and many more. Their news channels cover all the events in the world and USA, and give you the weather updates and traffic news of 20 major US cities.

Sirius Satellite Radio service charges a monthly subscription fee and an activation charge. Your tuner has to be activated with Sirius, before you receive the full service. You can do this over the phone or online. There is a ID code printed on each Sirius Tuner that has to be told to the person-in-charge of activation. Once activated you can enjoy all the channels in high fidelity digital audio. The Sirius Tuner is the main device which enables you to receive the satellite signals on your receiver. Your receiver has to be Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready to be compatible with the tuner. The tuner can also be interfaced with Sirius Adapter cables if there is a non-compatibility. Installing and integrating a Sirius Tuner with your home theater system is easy and quick. All components are usually supplied with the Sirius Tuner.

A Sirius Tuner model has undergone many changes and is now available with many advance features and controls. The channel search and scan can now be done in a number of ways. You can either directly key in the channel number from a numeric pad on your receiver or remote, or search for the channels sequentially. The channels are divided by categories and you can also search by a category and within the category you can scroll to the required channel. The integration of the Sirius Tuner with your receiver allows the user to control the tuner from the control panel of the receiver itself. Now Sirius Tuners are being made as a Plug-and Play device which makes the tuner more versatile. You can use the same tuner at home and also in your vehicle with the proper docking kits. These Sirius Tuners now come with their own LCD display screens and are very sleek and compact in size.

The second most important component of a Sirius Tuner kit is the antenna. As the signals are relayed via satellites all Sirius Tuners need an antenna to receive these signals. Moreover these antennas have to be positioned in such a way, that they have a direct line of vision of the sky, free from all obstructions.