Some time back nobody could imagine that you could listen to a radio without any commercial. Many people have had this experience that they are listening to their favorite old track after a long time and just about when the whole atmosphere has started getting nostalgic, there is a commercial break! That is such a turn-off, really! But with a SIRRUS radio, you are assured of 100% no-commercial programs with lots of variety in them as well. This aspect of the radio is the most loved one by its users. Moreover, the quality of the music played is fantastic and clear as it is broadcasted through a satellite.

For the uninitiated, SIRRUS radio is a satellite radio service that operates in the US and Canada only. Sirius XM Radio is the company that owns and manages this service. It has its corporate headquarters in New York City along with two studios located in Los Angeles and Memphis. Sirius was flagged off on 1st July, 2002 and presently offers 69 channels or streams of music and 65 sports, news, entertainment channels for its listeners. These music and other channels can be accessed throughout the day and night without any ad break. Serius channels are recognized by Arbitron with the label ‘SR’. So the different channels would be called “SR110”, “SR12” and so on.

But how does the SIRRUS radio afford to be commercial-free? This is because of the business model it follows. Sirius’ follows the pay-for-service approach in its working that is similar to the structure of premium cable TV where all music channels do not feature any commercial. However there are discussion channels like Howard Stern’s “Howard 100” or “Howard 101” which do have some six-minute long commercials in each hour. This duration is nominal and justifies the quality of the program. Other than that all the broadcasted programs are uninterrupted for the listeners.

SIRRUS radio was initially called Satellite CD Radio, Inc. when it was started. The name was changed to Sirius on 18th November 1999. This name is inspired from the brilliant Dog Star, Sirius that shines brightly at night. The company’s creator, David Margolese and its Head of Marketing, Ira Bahr came up with this name. The company launched its broadcasting service in 4 US states on 14th February 2002 and gradually extended it to the remaining parts of continental United States till July 2002. The Serius Internet Radio was in the process of getting launched on 16th October 2006. It would include 78 of the total 135 streams that were offered all around the world to every registered user with a username and secret code.

SIRRUS radio officially finished the process of its joint venture with previous competitor XM Satellite Radio on 29 July 2008. Now the company is known as Sirius XM Radio and has started broadcasting a combination of the best channels from both the companies. These offerings are fresh and listeners can enjoy these programs on the same radio set that they were using all these days.