The leading name in radio entertainment is SIRRIUS Radio. The reason behind its popularity is simple- variety of entertainment without a commercial to interrupt the great experience! You can listen to your favorite music or news or weather updates or traffic news anywhere you wish. You need not lose out on all of this even if you are traveling or out of home. Sirius offers lots of choices when it comes to radio sets as well, just like the 130 channels for its listeners.

§ In the portable range, SIRRIUS Radio has the Stiletto 2, Stiletto 100, Stiletto 10 and SIRIUS S50 model. These models work well in your car or truck, home audio system and also out on a picnic. Then there is the ‘Dock and Play’ kind of radio that you can simply plug into a car audio system, home kit or boombox and play music anywhere you go. There are several models available in this such as MiRGE, Sportster 3/4/5, Starmate 3/4/5 and Stratus 4/5.

§ Besides this there are many products for home use from SIRRIUS Radio like Grace Wireless internet radio, SiriusConnect Home, SIRIUS SR-H550 home tuner, Sirius Conductor and Wireless Display Controller, RCA RS2058 Sirius Ready Shelf System, RCA RTD260 Sirius Ready HTIB, Niles Sirius Tuner Module, Antex Multizone Home SRX-3, Tivoli Table-Top Model, Russound ST2S Home Tuner and the ADA Duo Tuner.

§ The in-vehicle collection of products from SIRRIUS Radio features the SiriusConnect range of matching Sirius satellite radio tuners that are especially developed for simple linking to any Sirius car music system. They also broadcast SIRIUSTraffic and the new SIRIUS Backseat TV in your car.

Some of the products in this range are SiriusConnect Tuner for Backseat TV, Starbase Universal FM Modulator, SiriusConnect Vehicle Tuner, and SiriusConnect for Alpine-satellite radio including traffic tuner, SiriusConnect for Alpine, Eclipse, GM Vehicles, JVC, Kenwood, Panasonic, Pioneer and Sony models. There is a separate tuner for Sanyo as well.

§ SIRRIUS Radio will add to your delightful listening experience with its myriad accessories. They help the user to simplify the process of carrying the radio with him in his car, home, to work or just about anywhere! You can enjoy a clear reception of the satellite signals due to these accessories and will never have to miss on any program.

The company website of SIRRIUS Radio has detailed instructions on how to install the system in your car or at home. This instructional video will make things easier and remove any probable doubts in your mind. It contains everything from the introduction, selecting a proper location, installation of the Serius antenna, audio and power connections, FM extender antenna and finally, activating your Sirius radio service.

SIRRIUS Radio is bound to enjoy such a great customer base due to the quality of its channels as well as the choices it offers in its radio sets and accessories. The celebrity-branded channels are liked by many and why not? If Martha Stewart is guiding you on life skills, you wouldn’t want to switch off the radio!