SiriusConnect Vehicle Tuner SCC1

A tuner is a device that helps to receive radio signals, differentiates the different stations, and gives an audio output. The SiriusConnect Vehicle Tuner SCC1 helps to receive the signals of Sirius Satellite Radio service in your vehicle. The tuner is not a stand-alone device and you will require a receiver to listen to the audio. You have to connect this tuner to a receiver or stereo in your vehicle that is compatible with Sirius or SAT Radio. There are many models of stereos which are Sirius-ready because of the popularity of Sirius Satellite Radio service. The companies which have such models are Pioneer, Kenwood, Clarion, JVC, Alpine, Directed, Panasonic, Sony and Eclipse. If your vehicle has a model of stereo which was supplied with the car, or later you have bought one in the market which is not Sirius-ready, then you will have to opt in for an adapter which will be able to form an effective Sirius interfaces between the tuner and your stereo.

The SiriusConnect Vehicle Tuner SCC1 is a compact device which can be easily installed in your vehicle. All the things which are needed for the task are provided in the package. Due to its small size you have the advantage of installing it in your car in such a way that it is not visible, and is well hidden from view. The mounting metallic plate which is supplied provides a sturdy base and ease of installation of the tuner. Mounting screws are also provided and you just need to screw in the tuner in the desired place in your vehicle. The antenna is also small in size and will be non-obtrusive on your vehicle roof. The tuner and the antenna will be connected by the 21 foot cable that is provided with the required SMB connector. The antenna looks like a small box and has a strong magnetic base with a 2.75 inch self adhesive rubber tail cover.

The SiriusConnect Vehicle Tuner SCC1 is to be connected to your stereo with a 63 inch cable that is provided. Both ends of the cable are fitted with male 8-pin DIN connectors, that will go into the respective sockets of the tuner and your stereo. The cable provides seamless integration, which means the power requirements, audio and control of the tuner is met with, through your stereo. The stereo control panel will serve as the controls for the tuner, and you can change or surf the different radio channels, and preset your favourite ones. The display of your stereo will give you information of the title of the song which is played, the name of the artist and the name or number of the radio station.

The SiriusConnect Vehicle Tuner SCC1 will give you non-stop entertainment and news, if you subscribe to the Sirius Satellite Radio service. This service has 120 high quality music, news and entertainment channels. Driving will become a pleasure, listening to the different genres of music that is available on 65 channels, free from any advertisements. Updates on weather and traffic news will keep you well informed on conditions, when you are on a long drive.