SiriusConnect Vehicle Tuner

A radio now forms an essential part of a vehicle, as it keeps you informed and entertained in your long drives. There are many, satellite radio services and out of them the Sirius Satellite Radio service is quite popular. It has a superior coverage and the quality of their broadcast is better than the other services. The service provides 120 streams of music, entertainment, sports and news. 65 channels are devoted to high fidelity digital sound music of many genres. The latest sporting events of NFL and NBA are covered whenever the season for it starts. ESPN gives sport news of the popular events from round the world. Radio Disney will keep your kid occupied when you are driving. If you happen to be driving in one of the 20 major cities of the US, then you will be benefited by the traffic news that is being broadcast over this radio service. The whole of mainland US is covered by this service, with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska.

One needs to have a subscription to enjoy this service. Sirius makes the SiriusConnect Vehicle tuner, so that you can enjoy this service in your car. The tuner has to be connected to your headset receiver or car stereo which is Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready. Many stereo companies like Alpine, JVC, Clarion, Kenwood, Panasonic, Pioneer, Directed, Eclipse and Sony make their car-stereo models Sirius-ready. These can be connected to the tuner with the supplied 63 inch SiriusConnect cable interface. This cable has DIN connectors of male 8-pin at each end. This connecting system provides a seamless integration of the tuner with your stereo or receiver. Power, audio and control or the tuner is all taken care of by this one cable. Such an integration gives you the control of you tuner through your stereo. The stereo control panel can be now used for scanning or searching of radio channels and presetting your favourite ones. The display on your stereo will now show the particulars about the channel, the program which is being broadcast, like the name of the song and artist and so on.

In case your vehicle has a stereo which is not Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready, you have to get an adapter that will serve as an interface between the SiriusConnect Vehicle Tuner and your stereo. There are different types of adapters available in the market, and you will have to choose the one which is suited to your make and model of your stereo.

The installation of the SiriusConnect Vehicle Tuner is hassle-free and an easy task. The tuner is compact and using the metal mounting plate that is provided you can install the tuner, where it is not visible to people riding in the vehicle. The tuner just has to screwed into place on any flat surface, with the mounting screws that are provided. The antenna that is supplied is also small in size, and has to be fitted on the roof of your vehicle, and connected to the tuner with the 21 feet cable that is provided.