SiriusConnect Universal Vehicle Tuner

Vehicle owners who want to listen to Sirius Satellite Radio must have SiriusConnect Universal Vehicle Tuner fitted in their vehicle. This tuner is capable of seamless integration with Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready headunit when interfacing with a SiriusConnect bus translator. If you have car stereos like Alpine, Clarion, Eclipse, JVC, Directed, Kenwood, Panasonic, Pioneer or Sony, there is the interface cable, that will connect your tuner to the stereo. It you have a stereo that is supplied by the car company or you have bought one later, and its not Sirius or SAT Radio-ready, then you will have to buy a SiriusConnect adapter, to successfully integrate the tuner.

This integration will enable you to control the tuner through your stereo. Searching or scanning for radio stations can be done through your stereo control panel, and you can also preset your favourite channels. The information regarding the channel, the title of the song being played, the name of the artist who is performing, will all be displayed on the stereo display screen. You will need a subscription to the Sirius Satellite Radio service to get reception or the different radio channels. The Sirius Satellite Radio is a very popular radio service in the United States. This service covers the main US continent and does not cover Alaska and Hawaii. There are more than 120 radio channels to keep you entertained and informed. Most of the music genres are covered by the 65 channels devoted to music alone, and they are all commercial-free. To keep the kids entertained in your vehicle there is the Disney channel. You can get news on the traffic situation of 20 cities in the US, and can know which routes to take and which to avoid. Sports enthusiasts can follow their favourite NFL or NBA game in the car and also get the latest sports news through ESPN. Local and world news is available through popular radio news channels like CNBC and Fox news to name a few. 

Installation and mounting of the SiriusConnect Universal Vehicle Tuner is an easy task. A mettalic mounting plate is supplied which has the necessary screws and fixtures to mount the tuner in such a way, so that it remains hidden from view. The unit can be mounted in other ways also as it is of a compact size, and you can fix it on a flat surface with tapes, adhesives or velcro.

The SiriusConnect Universal Vehicle Tuner has all the other components which are required for installation. A 63 inch interface cable is provided, which has 8-pin DIN male connectors at both ends. This cable is an all-in-one integrating solution for power, audio and control of the tuner. The antenna is of a small size and having a magnetic base to fit on the roof of your vehicle. It also has a self-adhesive backing of 2.75 inch rubber tail cover. The antenna can be connected to the tuner with the 21 foot cable which is supplied, which uses a SMB connector. The tuner comes along with a Sirius Radio channel guide.