SiriusConnect Universal Tuner

The SiriusConnect Universal Tuner, is a device which will receive Sirius Satellite Radio stations in your vehicle. This tuner is compatible with radios that feature the Sirius Universal Dock capability and portable radios. If you have a factory or after-market stereo, then you will need the tuner to be connected to your car stereo through a SiriusConnect adapter, which you have to buy separately. The interface cable which is supplied is designed to work with popular car-stereo models like Alpine, Clarion, Directed, Eclipse, JVC, Kenwood, Panasonic, Pioneer and Sony.

You will also need a subscription to the Sirius Satellite Radio service. Once properly connected you will be able to get the information of the channel, song and artist directly on to your stereo's display. You will be able to control all the tuner functions through your stereo, like scanning or searching channels, and will be able to save your favourite Sirius radio channels as presets. 

The SiriusConnect SC-C1 universal vehicle tuner, comes as a complete package. There is a 63 inch long SiriusConnect interface cable with a male 8-pin DIN connector on each end. This cable integrates power, audio and all controls, through one single connection. The package has a roof-mountable, low-profile antenna having a powerful magnetic base, and with a 21' cable, using a SMB connector. The antenna comes with a 2.75 inches rubber tail cover with self-adhesive backing. The package also includes a removable metal mounting plate with 4 mounting screws. With this you can easily install the tuner out of sight. The tuner has compact dimensions with a width of 3-7/16 inches, a height of 1-3/8 inches and a depth of 5-3/4 inches. An Alcohol wipe is also included, with an installation and Sirius channel guide.

Mounting the SiriusConnect Universal Tuner on to your vehicle is quite an easy task. You can secure the unit to a flat and solid surface by fixing the metal mounting plate, which has 3 pre-drilled holes on either side and four mounting screws which are self-tapping. You can also directly mount the unit without the mounting plate, by securing it on a flat, clean surface with double stick tape, or velcro or any other adhesive material. 

Once the installation is over and you have paid for the Sirius Radio subscription, you will be able to enjoy over 120 channels of music, entertainment and news. The music stream audios are of digital quality and the 65 streams are totally without any commercials. There is traffic news covering 20 cities in the US, which is so important to have in a vehicle. There are sports channels that cover the NFL and NBA events and also give sport news and updates on various popular sport events occuring all over the world. Weather forecasts and news are available on the news channels, like Fox news, CNBC and many other popular news streams. There are also children's programs on the Disney channel and there are a few other entertainment channels as well. The Sirius Satellite Radio service is not available in Alaska and Hawaii. It is available only within continental United States.