Siriusconnect Tuners Can Meet Specific Customer Needs

Sirius boasts that you can have crystal-clear, coast-to-coast coverage all in one place all at your fingertips. With your paid subscription, you have access to over 130 channels or 100% commercial free music, sports, news, talk, and comedy.  Like any subscription, such as cable or telephone service, you are paying only for a signal to be bounced off a satellite or sent through some wires into your home.  You must have equipment that makes those signals usable, i.e., a receiver or tuner.

From Sirius Satellite Radio comes Siriusconnect, a line of products that does just what the name implies.  It connects the signal you are paying for to your home, car, or business audio system.  Instead of having to figure out which type of tuner, interface, remote control, or antenna you need to make your signal usable, Sirius streamlined the process into a convenient product line that is easily compatible with your existing equipment and is guaranteed to get you on your way to music enjoyment.  But how compatible are these products with your wallet?

Sirius has created various Siriusconnect tuner interfaces that have specific compatibility components for a variety of makes and models of cars.  Sirius even has a kit for installing a Sirius Satellite Radio for your motorcycle.  A tuner interface minimizes the amount of buttons and dials found on a dashboard by controlling various devices and functions in the car.  In this case, it would take care of all the audio components like volume, CD player, radio, and speaker and bass adjustments.

Looking more in depth at Siriusconnect tuners for car and professional systems, here are ten different installation kits.  Keep in mind these do not include free standing radios or home audio system tuners.