Siriusconnect Tuners

Sirius Satellite Radio is available anytime and anywhere but if you do not have a tuner capable of receiving the radio signals in various locations, how will you be able to enjoy it?  And why are you paying all that money for the subscription if your listening is limited to certain places?  Siriusconnect offers products that go beyond home audio systems.  There are several tuners that work in your vehicle and standalone radios.

The Sirius SC-C1 Sirius Connect universal tuner lets you to receive Sirius Satellite Radio in your vehicle.  With this product, you'll be able to control all of the tuner's functions from your factory or after market stereo.  You'll see channel, song, and artist information on your stereo's display, and you can save your favorite Sirius channels as presets.  The package includes a roof-mount antenna that attaches to your vehicle with its powerful magnetic base.  The included removable metal mounting plate makes it easy to install the SC-C1 out of sight.

Mixed reviews involve favorable and critical remarks.  One critic stated “Great product, fairly easy to install as long as you buy the other connector piece needed and its cool to have satellite radio through the double din as opposed to external displays.  Only gripe is that I have signal problems every so often where it says acquiring signal especially around buildings in the city; however part of this problem may be attributable to the windshield tint.”  Another review said that “Install was easy.  Works great with my stock Camery XLE radio.  My radio has 18 SAT presets available Sat 1,2 and 3 six on each.  Setting the presets is the same as the radio stations.  The only thing I don't like is that I can't use the button on the steering wheel to flip forward or backward through the SAT presets like I can on the radio.  But I think that is a radio issue not this SAT box issue so I give this a 5 star rating it works great!”

Sirius has created various Siriusconnect tuner interfaces that have specific compatibility components for a variety of makes and models of cars.  Sirius even has a kit for installing a Sirius Satellite Radio for your motorcycle.  A tuner interface minimizes the amount of buttons and dials found on a dashboard by controlling various devices and functions in the car.  In this case, it would take care of all the audio components like volume, CD player, radio, and speaker and bass adjustments.  Some models that have been produced include: Honda, Acura, Toyota, Lexus, Scion, and GM.  Each of the installation kits include the basic hardware for installation; however,  additional parts must be purchased for the system to work properly.  In many cases the Siriusconnect Universal tuner SCC1 or a free standing radio doc such as SCVDOC1 and a radio need to be purchased.

If you add this to the subscription you are already paying for Sirius Satellite radio, you could easily be paying over $1,000 for your car stereo.  Now for the long distance traveler this may be worth it but for the casual around town driver, the amount of time spent in the car is not enough to outweigh the cost of the system.  And will you be satisfied with just having access to Sirius in your car?  Or will you now want to have the flexibility to bring your radio into your home audio system.  This will require a whole different Siriusconnect tuner as well as additional installation and compatibility equipment.