Siriusconnect Home Tuner SC-H1

Sirius satellite radio is a subscription to over 130 channels including talk shows, comedy acts, news, sports, and every genre of music.  Paying for this annual radio channel provides clear, commercial free music anywhere you are.  The Siriusconnect home tuner SC-H1 is a small component that incorporates into any home audio system that supports Sirius radio.  It is the home solution designed to work with many SIRIUS-ready receivers that brings all the enjoyment of Sirius into your home.

Your Siriusconnect home tuner SC-H1 measures 4” x 3”, small enough to provide flexible installation options such as being mounted on the wall or flat on an entertainment center.  On the face of the tuner is a display indicator for power and signal status and is capable of analog and digital audio outputs.  Analog outputs provide continuous audio signals while digital outputs are discrete digital numbers proportional to the magnitude of the voltage or current.  The package also includes an indoor/outdoor windowsill antenna with a 21’ cable, AC power adapter, and DIN Cable. DIN comes from a German manufacturing industry standards group that created these types of connectors.  They are round with either four, five, six, or eight pins arranged in a circular pattern.  Your Siriusconnect home tuner SC-H1 includes an eight pin DIN cable.  Additional installation kits are also available for multi-room audio systems making Siriusconnect home tuners SC-H1 truly your complete home radio solution.  The package comes with a one-year limited parts and labor warranty and additional support on the Sirius satellite radio website.

There are some potential problems with the Siriusconnect home tuner SC-H1.  It could be obnoxious that the antenna is wired.  Although the cable is quite long, this can limit the distance you have to work with as well as the need to snake the wire around your house for a less noticeable arrangement. It may even create a problem closing the window should you choose to place it in one.  The second problem is the availability of the product.  Many of the websites I searched state that the Siriusconnect home tuner SC-H1 is discontinued or on an as needed basis from the manufacturer.  There are not a lot of reviews available for this product either.  Those that I did find all agree that the product is great, versatile, and easy to set up.

“I used it with a Sirius Sattellite Ready Home component system.  It is an easy set up with great reception without even placing the antenna outside as it recommends for some areas.”

“Great product. Suggest connecting it to an outdoor antenna for maximum reception using the outdoor antenna offered on the Sirius website.  I used the Cable TV/Satellite radio antenna using coaxial cable.  Connected it to my Sony AV Receiver and it worked perfectly.”

“Nifty little item.  If you are ready to take your satellite radio out of your car this might be for you.  I happen to have a satellite ready receiver and the interface works very well.  You can see all the satellite info through the receiver and or the television (it will display over what you are watching if  you choose).  You can also hook it up to non-satellite ready receivers but I would guess you do not get any visual information about what you are listening too.  It hooked up easily and received a signal easily (I was pleasantly surprised).  The last little pleasant surprise was the cable to the antenna was thin enough to simply close my window on with no problem.  So I didn't need to snake the wire or drill a hole to get the antenna outside to get the best signal.  The antenna will work through the window but you really need a pretty good angle at the sky.”