Siriusconnect Home Tuner

Sirius satellite radio provides many options for in-home entertainment. Product options include standalone radios, docking stations for removable car components, home tuners, and accessories.  All Siriusconnect Home Tuners are compatible with Sirius ready products including: Onkyo, Sony, Integra, AMX, Crestron, Pioneer, RCA, Philips, Rotel, NetStreams, Xantech, RadioShack, ColoradoNet, Yamaha, and Denon.  Complete home tuner packages range from $49.99 to $354.99 based on the level of home audio system you want throughout your home.

Siriusconnect Home Tuner SC-H1 - $49.99.  This compact tuner integrates into any Sirius-ready home audio system.  It is sleek and easy to connect. The package includes the 4” x 3” tuner, an indoor/outdoor windowsill antenna with a 21’ cable, AC power adapter, and DIN Cable.

Siriusconnect Home Pro Tuner SCH2P - $199.99.  The first tuner from Siriusconnect designed specifically for custom installation, this is a step up from the SC-H1 model.  This package includes the 2” x 8” tuner, AC power cord, DIN cable, outdoor antenna with mounting hardware, audio cable, and antenna splitter with mounting hardware.  This tuner has the capability to control programming for the entire home audio system.

Sirius Home Tuner SRH1000 by Polk Audio Designs - $299.99.  This home tuner is the latest from Polk Audio Designs and has added features from Sirius’ other tuners plus additional components.  The tuner can be controlled from across the room or in another room using your TV screen.  It also contains an RS232 port to integrate other control systems.  This package includes the 3” x 15” tuner, remote control with AAA batteries, AC power cable, 2 connector RCA analog stereo audio cable, optical cable, indoor/outdoor home antenna, and rack mounts.  This tuner gives you the potential to listen to two different channels in different rooms by adding the Siriusconnect Home Tuner or Home Dock to this one and your home audio system.

Sirius Home Tuner SRH1000-GIFT55 by Polk Audio Designs + $55 prepaid card - $354.99.  This home tuner is the same as mentioned above; however it comes with a prepaid subscription gift card.  It would make a great gift for a loved one to begin or add to their home entertainment system.

Additional Siriusconnect Home Tuner accessories include: replacement indoor/outdoor antennas, Sirius conductor and Wireless display controller, and Direct Broadcast Satellite combiner/splitter.  The Sirius conductor and Wireless display controller (Model SCH1W-Q3ACCOMMFLYER) sells for $149.99 and integrates with Sirius satellite radio allowing you to control your satellite radio from any room in your home using radio frequency technology.  The controller contains a LCD screen that displays the artist name, song title, and channel name you are currently listening to.  The Direct Broadcast Satellite combiner/splitter (Model 14220 DBS Combiner/splitter) sells for $49.99.  It allows two signals such as satellite TV and an outdoor Sirius antenna to run into your house using a single cable. This simplifies the installation of the home tuner by routing the Sirius Satellite radio over your TV wiring.

Choosing which Siriusconnect home tuner depends on your existing home audio system and the amount of money you want to invest into your entertainment.  No matter which one you choose, you can be guaranteed that you cannot go wrong as long as you subscribe to Sirius Satellite Radio.