SiriusConnect Home Tuner

SiriusConnect Home Tuner is a device you will need, if you have subscribed to Sirius Satellite Radio. The tuner by itself cannot give any audible output. The tuner has to connected to your audio AV receiver or your home theater system, which has to be Sirius-ready or SAT Radio ready. Many of the top audio equipment manufacturers, make it a point to manufacture models that are Sirius-ready, because of the popularity of Sirius Satellite Radio. Some of these companies are Sony, Philips, Onkyo and many others. You can check whether your model is Sirius-ready, and if not you will have to purchase a Wireless Display Controller separately. This device provides the Sirius interface and has to connected to your receiver through the audio input socket.

The SiriusConnect Home Tuner is a sleek device which only measures approximately 3 inches by 2 inches, and will be non obtrusive in your home decor. You can place it horizontally or mount it vertically on the wall or a panel of your audio equipment cabinet. The mounting task is easy as there are the necessary screws and apertures on the tuner.

The tuner comes as a package that has all the components required for easy installation and set up. There is a simple user manual giving you step-by-step instructions for all the tasks involved. A window-sill antenna is provided which has to be aligned to the direction of the Sirius satellite. The direction and alignment details are all given in the manual. A 21 foot cable is supplied to connect the tuner to the antenna. The tuner has to be fitted to your receiver or home theater system via a 8-pin DIN connector cable. The power requirements of the tuner is met by your receiver, which supplies it the required power through this cable. If your receiver is not built to do so, then you will have to use the AC adapter which is supplied in the package.

The tuner is designed to integrate with your receiver or audio system completely so that you can control the tuner through your receiver's control panel. You can scan the various channels and preset your favourite ones, from your receiver itself. Name of song, the performing artist and the channel information will all be displayed on your receiver's display screen. The SiriusConnect home tuner does have certain display lights which will inform you of different operating and performance levels of the tuner. A green light which has a steady glow, informs you that the tuner is getting an optimal signal and it is working properly. Pulsating light of red color, tells you that the antenna has not been connected. When the antenna is connected and the tuner is unable to receive a signal for whatever reason, it will display an amber light on its indicator.
The SiriusConnect home tuner will give you a high fidelity audio output in Optical Digital and RCA Analog. Once you have subscribed to the Sirius Satellite Radio service you will have access to high class music, entertainment and news. Providing over 120 channels the service is geared to give you the best in its class.