Sirius Xact Satellite Radio Receiver

With over 130 channels of high quality entertainment, Sirius Satellite Radio is gaining increasing popularity since its inception in 2002. There are more than 65 channels devoted to commercial-free music and they cover genres like Rock, Pop, Country, Christian, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Latin, Dance and International. The sport channels broadcast play-by-play coverage of the popular games, and also have channels that cover interviews with the top players, team owners and other famous sports personalities. You will receive coverage of NBA, NASCAR, NHL, NFL, PGA Tour, College sports, Horse Racing and many more sporting events. The entertainment channels have programs that are popular and cover comedy, children's programs, talk shows, adult programs, box-office news and E! Entertainment. The news channels have all the reputable names like CNN, BBC, Fox News, CNBC, Bloomberg, and many more. You can receive this amazing line up of channels on a Sirius satellite radio once you have paid a monthly subscription fee.

There are many companies manufacturing satellite radios and Xact Technology, LLC is one of the popular ones. A Sirius Xact Satellite Radio Receiver has many advanced features and now comes in a portable model as well. The XTR8 is the latest in Xact's line up of models and comes with a car kit. This sophisticated portable model enables you to pause, rewind and replay live Sirius broadcasts. This is possible by its recording feature which automatically records the tuned-in station for up to 1 hour. You can see the on an indicator the level of memory which has been used up, and your current listening position can be seen from the Play Position indicator.

XTR8 Sirius Xact Satellite Radio Receiver, comes as a package and you will have all the components required to install it in your vehicle. You will get a vehicle mounting bracket, a cigarette lighter adapter, a 6 foot connecting cable for the radio, a magnetic antenna with connecting cable and a full function wireless remote control. You can mount the radio on the dash or windshield of your vehicle with the supplied mounting bracket. The power for the radio can be through the cigarette lighter adapter or from an optional 12 volt power jack. The antenna has to be mounted on the roof or trunk lid, with a clear line of sight of the sky, without any obstructions. You can connect this radio to your compatible in-dash receiver or FM stereo, through the audio-out 3.5 mm mini-jack connection. There is also an FM Out mini-jack, in which you can connect a wireless FM switching box.

The XTR8 Sirius Xact Satellite Radio Receiver comes with an easy to read LCD screen having a 5-line display. You can control the font size, and also the brightness and contrast of the screen. This display will provide you with information like the channel name, number and category, the title of the song which is being played, the name of the artist or band, and the preset bank number. The display also has a clock and a signal strength indicator. You can preset 30 of your favourite channels, in three groups of 10 channels each. A data storage function allows you to store data of 30 of your favourite songs and artist names.