Sirius Universal Vehicle Tuner

Sirius Satellite Radio has more than 120 channels of top quality entertainment for the entire family. Many people are preferring to listen to this radio service while at home, or at office or while travelling. The variety of good programs available on this service is second to none, and they are all commercial-free. The service is available to all areas in mainland United States, and a limited service in Alaska. There is no service available for Hawaii. The broadcasting stream is made available to all in high fidelity digital output, so that you can enhance your listening experience. There are 65 channels devoted to music of different genres, and you can hear all the latest hits as well as the golden oldies. There are categories for Rock, Hip-Hop, Pop, Classical, Jazz, Latin, Dance, Blues and so on. For entertainment there are various programs which suit different age groups and tastes. There is Comedy, Disney, E! Entertainment, Oprah Radio and many more channels. Different talk shows and programs by famous personalities are very popular and heard by many. News channels will keep you updated of the latest developments in US and the world. There  are broadcasts regarding the weather and traffic news of 20 important cities in the US. Sport channels give a wide coverage of all the popular games taking place in the USA. There is NBA, NASCAR, NFL, NHL, Soccer, Horse Racing and many more. The ESPN channel also will give you all the news of the important sports events happening in the world.

People like to listen to this satellite radio streams even in their vehicles and there is the Sirius Universal Vehicle Tuner which will receive these signals in your car. The SCC1 Sirius Universal Vehicle Tuner as the name suggest is designed to be compatible with most of the head units which are Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready. The tuner is also compatible with select models of factory audio systems. There are also different interfaces available in the form of Sirius adapter cables which will make this tuner work with receivers that are not compatible. The Kenwood CA-SR20V, SiriusConnect adapter cable will make your Kenwood multimedia stereos that use the KAB bus system, compatible with the tuner. You just have to connect the supplied 8-pin cable to this adapter cable.

Mounting and connecting this Sirius Universal Vehicle Tuner is very easy and quick. The tuner comes with a 63 inch, 8-pin DIN cable which will connect and integrate the tuner with your head unit. A removable mounting plate with pre-drilled holes on either side, will make the job easy. You can just fix the tuner with the supplied self-tapping mounting screws, on any flat and solid surface. The compact size of the tuner also makes it possible for you to secure it without the mounting plate, with any adhesive material on to a clean flat surface. The supplied antenna is also very compact and has a strong magnetic base which can be mounted on the roof of the vehicle or the trunk lid.