Sirius Universal Tuner

You can receive Sirius Satellite Radio on any in-dash FM radio, with the SC-FM1 Sirius Universal Tuner. Connection to other factory stereos is also possible by attaching the required adapters. You will be able to enjoy more than 120 channels of commercial-free, quality entertainment in you vehicle. The streams include music, sports, entertainment and news. This service is available coast to coast in mainland United States for a monthly subscription fee.

The SC-FM1 Starbase Sirius Universal Tuner, comes as a package and contains a Sirius tuner, an FM modulator, a mountable display and controller, antenna and remote control. The tuner is very compact and measures only 5 inches in width, 1-3/8 inches in height and 5-7/16 inches in depth, and can ideally be fitted under the driver's seat. You can also mount it on any flat surface using the supplied self-tapping screws. The display controller dimensions are 4-1/2 inches width, 1-9/16 inches height and ¾ inches depth, and its suited for dash mounting even in cars which have limited dash space. There is a mounting clip and self-adhesive Velcro to mount this display control unit on the dash. The LCD screen on this unit measures 2-3/8 x 7/8 inches, and is in blue color. This screen will give information like the channel number, channel name, artist name, song title, preset bank number, and clock. You can also adjust the contrast and brightness of the display.

The FM modulator of this Sirius Universal Tuner, connects to your FM radio's antenna input socket and then relays the Sirius signal over an unused FM frequency between 87.7 to 107.9 MHz. You can avoid using the modulator if your FM radio has an auxiliary input. In such a case you can use the supplied patch cable to plug the tuner directly into your radio. The antenna comes with a magnetic base and can be place on the roof or trunk lid, free from any obstructions, to its line of sight to the sky.

The display controls unit of this Sirius Universal Tuner, has many search modes to facilitate searching for music by a channel, category, artist or song title. From the remote control you can directly tune in the channel number on the numeric keypad. The tuner offers 30 presets of your favourite channels that are stored in 5 banks of 6 channels each. You can mark Add or Skip to channels, so that whenever they are scrolled in any mode, they will either be skipped or seen. You can also lock a channel so that it is available only when you enter a 4-digit code while directly tuning the channel.

The SC-FM1 Sirius Universal Tuner is packed with features and functions which make it a pleasure to operate. The tuner has a memory capacity that allows you to store information about your 20 favourite songs. The S-seek function will then alert you whenever the song is being played on any of the channels. The Game Alert function also is similar where you can store information about your favourite sports teams. The function will alert you when the team is playing or when there is an update to their score.