Sirius Universal SiriusConnect Satellite Radio Vehicle Tuner

You can receive Sirius Satellite Radio in your vehicle by fitting the Sirius Universal SiriusConnect Satellite Radio Vehicle Tuner. Sirius Satellite Radio has evolved into the most popular radio service in mainland United States. Sirius uses three powerful satellites to beam down their 130 channels of high quality entertainment, in high fidelity digital audio. There are 65 channels for music, that have different categories like Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Classical, Jazz and many more. The radio service also provides interesting talk shows and programs by famous personalities. There are channels that will keep you entertained and informed, like Oprah radio, Family and Health, Comedy, Disney, E! Entertainment and many more. The sports line-up is huge and has a wide coverage of all the popular games like NBA, NASCAR, NHL, NFL, Soccer, PGA Tour, Horse Racing and so on. The sports news by ESPN will keep you updated of all major sporting events from around the world. The are popular news channels like Fox news and CNBC and also other channels that give news of USA, World news, Financial news, Weather and traffic news.

The entertainment and information value of the programs of Sirius Satellite Radio, make it necessary to have this service in your vehicle as well. The Sirius Universal SiriusConnect Satellite Radio Vehicle Tuner, is ideal for your vehicle. This tuner is compatible with many head units and in-dash stereos which are Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready. Certain after-market and OEM radios which may not be directly compatible, you can interface with a SiriusConnect adapter which you have to buy separately.

The Sirius Universal SiriusConnect Satellite Radio Vehicle Tuner is quite compact and measures 3-7/16 inches in width, 1-3/8 inches in height and has a depth of 5-3/4 inches, with all the cables attached. The tuner can easily be mounted and kept hidden from view in your car. It comes with a mounting plate with three apertures on either side to fix the self-tapping screws that are provided. With this plate you can secure the tuner on any solid flat surface, which is not exposed to moisture or excessive heat. You can also mount it without the plate by securing it with velcro or any adhesive material on a flat and clean surface. A 63 inches, 8-pin DIN cable is supplied for connecting the tuner to your head unit. This cable is able to integrate power, audio and control through a single connection.

The tuner comes with a compact Sirius Antenna, that has a powerful magnetic base, so that you can easily anchor it on any metallic surface of your car. The antenna measures only 1.605 inches in width, 0.505 inches in height and is 2.005 inches deep. This antenna has to be positioned so that it has a direct line of vision with the sky, and should not have any mechanical or line-of-sight obstructions. The antenna has to be attached with the supplied 21 foot long cable to the single SMB input, on the front panel of the tuner.