Sirius Tuners

Sirius Tuners are devices that receive and convert the Sirius Satellite Radio signals into streams of audio programming for your receiver or radio. Sirius Satellite Radio has more than 120 streams of programming that include music, news, sports, and entertainment. All streams are totally commercial-free, and 65 streams are devoted only to different kinds of music like Classical, Pop, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Rock, Latin and many more. Local news, international news, financial news, weather and traffic news, and all the major events in the world are covered by their excellent line-up of news channels. There are many sports channels also, that give good coverage of all the exciting major league games. The channels cover NBA, Horse Racing, NFL, NASCAR, NHL, PGA Tour and many more games and sport events. There is entertainment for everybody on this radio service. There are channels for Disney, Comedy, E! Entertainment, and programs and talk shows by famous personalities.

The Sirius Satellite Radio charges a monthly subscription fee, and their coverage is from coast to coast in mainland United States. To receive the signals you have to pay this fee and install a Sirius Tuner. Sirius Tuners are usually not stand-alone devices, unless they are built into the radio itself. Sirius Tuners have to be connected to Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready receivers to get the audio output. There are different types of Sirius Tuners designed to function in locations like your home, in a vehicle or in a boat. If your receiver is not compatible with Sirius Tuners, you will have to attach a Sirius Adapter which will act as an interface between the two devices. There are many types of Sirius Tuners available in the market and you can choose the one that is compatible with your receiver and serves your needs best. Now Sirius Tuners are made as portable models which you can use in your car as well as your home, or even take them from one vehicle to the other. Sirius Tuners of these types have an advantage, because you need to pay only one subscription fee, even though you are listening to the Sirius Satellite Radio on two different receivers.

Sirius Tuners usually come as a full kit, and you will find all the components necessary for a successful installation. All Sirius Tuners whether they are for home or for a vehicle, need a Sirius Antenna which will receive the satellite signals, and relay it through the connecting cable to the tuner. This Antenna has to be positioned correctly in order to receive a strong signal. The antenna has to be pointed in direct line of sight of the sky, without any obstructions in-between.

Once Sirius Tuners are connected to a compatible receiver they offer a seamless integration into your system and you will be able to control the tuner with your receiver's controls. Also information regarding the channel name and number, title of song and name of artist can all be viewed on the receiver's display. The power to the tuner is either supplied from the receiver, through the connecting cable or from a separate AC or DC adapter chord.