Sirius Tuner Widget

Sirius Satellite Radio has been broadcasting its channels through its three satellites, throughout mainland United States from coast to coast. It has 130 channels delivering quality, commercial-free entertainment on a high fidelity digital output. All the channels are top rated and there is, something for everybody to listen to. Music alone has more than 65 channels, comprising of different categories of music like Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Classical, Jazz, Latin, Country and many more. Another favourite of many people are the line-up of sport channels, that deliver full coverage of the league games like NBA, NASCAR, NHL, NFL. There are also channels for Soccer, PGA Tour, Horse Racing and so on. Entertainment channels are many and they feature programs by Martha Stewart, Oprah and Howard Stern. There are channels which feature Disney, E! Entertainment, Family and Health and Comedy. New channels are the best in their class like Fox news, CNBC, covering world news and news from USA. There is extensive coverage of business and finance in the Financial news and there is also updates on weather and traffic news.

The overwhelming popularity has made Sirius put this radio service on the internet. Internet radio is gaining popularity world-wide and is the perfect platform for such a popular radio service. Now it is possible to hear Sirius Satellite Radio anywhere in the world, on your computer over a broadband connection. Your computer needs a Sirius Tuner Widget, for you to listen to this radio service. This widget is available on the internet to download for free.

The Sirius Tuner Widget has been through many versions and is developed by J. Tanner. There are presently two versions which are popular. One is the 2.1.5 version which enables you to listen to Sirius Satellite Radio on your computer with a broadband connection. This widget is 263kB, and works on any Windows operating system. It gives a high quality audio at 128K.

The latest version of the Sirius Tuner Widget is the 3.0.1 version, and is 508KB in size. This widget works on Windows Vista, 2000 and XP operating systems. All Sirius Tuner Widgets require the Yahoo! Widgets Engine to work. The player itself is a Flash-based program, and sometimes stops after extended periods of play. The widget looks like a compact and portable Sirius Satellite Tuner. This is the interface also, with all the controls. There is the volume control as well as the button to set 30 presets. The presets will appear in three banks of ten, and can easily be reprogrammed.

Before you install the Sirius Tuner Widget, you will need to install the Yahoo's Widget Engine. This also is free to download from the internet. Once the engine is installed, a My Widgets directory will appear under your My Documents directory. After you have installed the Sirius Tuner Widget, you have to place the “SIRIUS_Satellite_Tuner.widget” file into the My Widgets directory. You have to double-click on this file, for the Sirius Tuner Widget to start. You have to pay a monthly subscription to be able to receive this service on the internet as well.