Sirius Tuner For Pioneer

Satellite radio has gained popularity and is the preferred form of entertainment for many people. Among the various services Sirius Satellite Radio has become the most famous in the United States. This service provides 130 channels of commercial-free entertainment, all the time. It has a wide coverage and is available through out mainland United States from coast to coast. The only places not covered are Hawaii and Alaska. The radio service has 65 channels devoted to all types of music, and each type of music has a number of channels. There is Rock, Jazz, Pop, Classical, Latin and many more categories. On the entertainment channels there is something for everyone, from Disney to E! Entertainment. There are comedy channels and talk shows hosted by favourite personalities. There are informative channels like Family and Health, which provide important information. The news channels cover events of USA, world news, financial news and also weather and traffic. The sports categories include NBA, NFL, NHL, Soccer, horse racing and many more.

One has to pay a monthly subscription to access this service and also one should have a Sirius Tuner. Sirius Tuners are now available for home or for your vehicle, and also there are portable ones, which you can just plug and play. Tuners for vehicles are made to meet the compatibility requirements of the factory head unit or the after market stereo. Different models of tuners suit different receivers and there is one available for every kind of head unit or stereo.

The Sirius Tuner For Pioneer head unit is the SIR-PNR2. This tuner is compatible with Pioneer models from 2004 onwards which are Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready and which use the IP-Bus protocol. The level of compatibility will also differ, with Full Control and External Unit Control. The Pioneer head units which control this tuner through the External Unit Control will encounter limitations in its operation and information display, in comparison to Full Control models.

The Sirius Tuner For Pioneer is quite compact and comes with the antenna, and all the connecting cables. The front panel of the tuner has the output IP-Bus jack connecting to the head unit via the supplied cable. There is also the input IP-Bus jack that connects to an optional CD changer. This pass-through is used if you need to use a CD changer. Both the input can be daisy-chained together. For the power input there is a 4-pin jack, to be used with the supplied power harness. The back panel has the connection for the antenna, which is a single SMB input.

Apart from the usual features, this Sirius Tuner For Pioneer has some enhanced features as well. The GameAlert function allows you to first select your favourite teams in the menu, and then it will alert you whenever they are playing. The Game Zone feature, will scroll the scores and game status of your favourite teams on the display of your head unit. MyMix feature notifies you when a favourite song of yours is playing on any of the other channels.