Sirius Tuner Module

The popularity of Sirius Satellite Radio has seen many different types of Sirius tuners flooding the market. The radio service provides more than 120 channels of quality entertainment and news to people right across mainland United States. A great line-up of music, sports, news and entertainment channels make Sirius the most preferred Satellite Radio service. All channels are commercial-free and there are 65 channels devoted only to music. The sport channels give the best coverage of American sport like NBA, NFL, NASCAR, Soccer and many more. There is news from all over the world covered by famous channels like Fox and CNBC. Talk shows, comedy, Family and Health, Disney, E! Entertainment and many more make up the radio programs that are in store for you, if you subscribe to this great radio service.

Now Crestron Sirius Tuner Module is available, which controls the SCH2P, SCH1P2 and SCHDOC1P tuners via serial. There are different models of RS-232 controllable receivers for the custom AV market. The size of this tuners can be anything between the size of a cigarette lighter to a big rack mount model. Sirius is providing the same tuner as an OEM part to other audio equipment manufacturers, so that the tuner can be integrated, into their own product. This will mean the compatibility of this module will be very high, and more tuners can be integrated in the future. For example the module now controls the Polk SRH1000 and ADA SRX tuners. These tuners have to be placed in a non-standard mode of operation, for the module to be able to control them. The module has very fast control and feedback over the tuners and there is no time lag between the press of a button and the feedback. The controls of the module include a discerning power control, and ten press-and-hold presets. You will get feedback of the song and artist preset in real time. Channel browsing can be done by serially going to a channel, or by category or program. The numeric pad gives the advantage of directly tuning the channel if you know the number. You can also skip unwanted stations by locking them so that they wont show in a search operation. The controls provide service feedback for ESN and strengths of signals. A SIMPL Windows demo program is packaged along with the un-encrypted module.

Another Sirius Tuner Module available is by Niles, called the IntelliControl ICS. Along with the Sirius Satellite Radio it also provides metadata. The ICS keypads and remote controls which are equipped with display, provide information like channel name, channel number, category, song title and artist name. The module can be configured to play up to six separate music channels. The navigation system on the IntelliControl ICS module is very intuitive which makes selecting channels very easy. Apart from satellite radio the module supports digital sources like iPod, and access and control of legacy radio sources. The radio dimensions are 1-1/4 inches width, 7-1/4 inches in depth and 3-3/4 inches in height.