Sirius Tuner Location

In the United States, Sirius Satellite Radio provides quality entertainment and is very popular. This radio service uses three satellites to beam over 120 channels across mainland United States, from coast to coast. You will get high fidelity digital audio output for all of their radio channels. There are 65 channels, that are devoted to different genres of music, from Rock to Classical. Each category of music also has a number of channels. The sports line up is outstanding, and you will get coverage of all your favourite games like NBA, NFL, NHL, Soccer and many more. For providing entertainment for everyone there are channels like Disney, Comedy, E! Entertainment and so on. The news channels give you coverage of all the current events happening in US and the world. There is also news devoted to finance and politics. There are informative channels like Family and Health and also talk shows hosted by famous TV personalities.

To receive Sirius Satellite Radio you need their subscription and a Sirius Tuner. Tuner models come in all shapes and sizes and you have to choose a model which is compatible with the receiver that you have.  There are tuners available for homes, vehicles and boats. If you have bought one for home, the Sirius Tuner Location should be at a place where it does not get exposed to moisture or direct heat. The tuner can be placed flat along with your receiver or mounted on the wall or on the panel of your audio equipment's cabinet. This is the location as per the user manual, but many people improvise according to their need and size of the tuner. The Sirius Tuner antenna's Location, plays a major part in receiving a clear signal. The antenna must have a clear line of sight of the sky, and the ideal location would be the roof of the house. But there are many people staying in apartment buildings and they do not have access to the roof, or the terrace will be very high above, and to connect the antenna cable will not be economically viable. In such cases you can locate the antenna on the window sill. Here too the antenna should be pointed to the sky. After locating the antenna turn it in degrees until you get the optimum signal strength, that is possible in your area.

The Sirius Tuner Location in a vehicle has to be well thought of. The tuner should not be exposed to lashing rain or moisture of any kind. The location will also depend on the size of the tuner, and also whether any brackets or mounting plate has been provided with the tuner. Now portable type of tuners are available which are very easy to mount. They usually come with an arm or a bracket, that can be located on your dashboard or near your wind screen. For the bulkier tuner fixing it on the mounting plate which is provided is advisable. The Sirius Tuner antenna's Location, in a vehicle, would ideally be the roof or the trunk lid.