Sirius Tuner For Kenwood

Satellite radios have become famous because of their excellent programming and wide coverage. Among these services, Sirius Satellite Radio is one of the most popular services in United States. Their over 120 channels of high quality entertainment, and in-depth coverage of news and sports, has made it the most preferred radio service in United States. They have three satellites in orbit that are capable of beaming down the channels, from coast to coast in mainland United States. The service requires a payment of a monthly subscription fee, and you need a Sirius Tuner to receive the programming in your home or vehicle. There are many models of Sirius Tuners available in the market and each is compatible with a particular brand or type of receiver or head unit.

The KTC-SR903 is a Sirius Tuner For Kenwood receivers. This tuner is compatible with all models from 2002 to 2004, Kenwood CD changer-controlling receivers, and also certain models of 2001. The 2001 head unit models compatible with this tuner are KDC-X917, KDC-X817, KDC-X717, KDC-9017, KDC-V7017, KDC-716S, KRC-709 and Z828. The tuner is compact, and is 7-9/16 inches in width, 1-3/16 inches in height and 6-1/8 inches in depth. You can install it anywhere and it will mostly be hidden from sight. You need to buy an antenna separately for this tuner. The tuner is compatible with only single cable antennas and will not work with the dual cable antenna models. The front panel of the tuner has a single FAKRA SMB antenna connection. The panel also has a connection to the head unit, which is a 13-pin female jack. The supplied connecting cable will connect to your head unit from this jack. The other is the Audio Out with left and right RCA audio connectors.  There is one more connection on the tuner which goes to the CD controller, which is a 8-pin jack to be used for an optional controller unit.

The KTC-SR903 Sirius Tuner For Kenwood, allows certain information to be displayed on your receiver's display screen. The amount of information displayed will depend on the model of your head unit. The various text data that is usually available is the channel number, channel name, category of the channel, title of the song and name of the performing artist or band. Searching and selecting channels of Sirius Satellite Radio is easy and fast. Channels are differentiated by numbers and also by program categories. You might have 9 channels listed under Rock music and so on. You can search for a particular category and then scroll through the channels available in that category. The number of channels that you can preset will depend on the model of your head unit.

This Sirius Tuner For Kenwood connects to your head unit by using the CD changer input on it. In the event of you needing to have a CD changer, then there is also, the CD changer pass-through connection, on the tuner, where you can combine both, and daisy chain them together. This connection is compatible with Kenwood CD changers that have an O-N switch. The connection is also possible on newer changer models that do not have the O-N switch, but use the N protocol.