Sirius Tuner Installation

Sirius Satellite Radio service provides over 120 channels of top quality entertainment, right across mainland United States, from coast to coast. You need Sirius Tuner Installation to receive their signals. You also need to pay a one time activation fee, as well as a monthly subscription to Sirius. A Sirius Tuner installation is simple, and can be done by yourself or you can take professional help. There are different types of Sirius tuners, which are applicable for home use, for use in a vehicle or in a boat, and their installation procedure also, will vary.

The Sirius Tuner is not a stand-alone device, and has to be connected to your receiver or the head unit of your car. Before you buy your Sirius Tuner, make sure the model you are going to buy is compatible with your receiver. Your receiver should be Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready, to be compatible with a Sirius Tuner. The tuner will come in a package that will contain all the components that are required for Sirius Tuner Installation. The kit will usually contain the tuner, an antenna, connecting cables and brackets and screws.

The SC-H1 Sirius Home Tuner is easy to install. The tuner itself is compact in size and can be just placed along with your receiver or other audio equipment. You also have the option of mounting it on a wall or panel. Care should be taken that the place you are mounting the tuner, is free from moisture and will not be exposed to direct heat. The tuner has been provided with slots on the underside, so that you can easily screw the device with #10 screws, which are also provided. The tuner has to be connected to your Sirius-ready AV receiver or home theater system through an 8-pin DIN connector cable which is supplied. This one cable will usually take care of the power requirements and the audio output of the tuner. There is an additional AC adapter provided, in case your receiver is not able to provide the power through the 8-pin cable. For any Sirius Tuner Installation it is necessary to mount the antenna properly so that you can receive a clear signal. The antenna which is provided is basically an outdoor antenna, but can also be used on the window sill. The ideal place for it though is the roof of your house. The antenna has to be pointed in the direction of the sky, without any obstructions in between. The clear line of vision to the sky is important to receive the signals that are being beamed down by the satellites. The user manual will provide you with the direction you need to turn the antenna, as per your region and location. The antenna can be turned by a few degrees at a time to see which is the ideal position. You should be able to get a clear audio which is does not get interrupted. You can also see the bar signal on your receiver's display to find out the strength of the signal that you are receiving.