Sirius Tuner Antenna

There are three powerful Sirius satellites, in geo-stationery orbit over the United States that beam down Sirius Satellite Radio service. This radio service is one of the most famous, and gives over 120 channels of high class entertainment, which is free from all commercials of any kind. To receive this radio service you need to pay their subscription fees and have a Sirius Tuner equipped with an antenna. There are many different types of Sirius Tuners available for listening to Sirius Satellite Radio at home, or in your vehicle or boat. The tuner is designed to integrate with either your Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready AV receivers, or the head unit in your car.

The Sirius Tuner Antenna and the required connecting cable, usually is supplied along with the tuner. Depending on the type of tuner the antenna also will vary in size and design. The Sirius Tuner Antenna that comes along with a tuner for home use, is designed to be mounted on the roof of the house, or on the window sill. Some people also mount it on the side of their house. The mounting and positioning of the antenna has to be done correctly, as this will determine the strength and quality of signal. Once you have determined the place, that is either on the roof or window sill, you have to start positioning it correctly. The main point one should remember is that the Sirius Tuner Antenna should have a clear line of vision of the sky. The direction of the antenna will depend upon where your house is located, and the specific direction is given in the user manual.

The Sirius Tuner Antenna has to be connected to the tuner, with the connecting cable that is supplied. Once you have made the connection, and the tuner also is integrated with your receiver or home theater system, turn on the tuner. Slowly change the position of the antenna in degrees until you get strong un-interrupted audio on your receiver. Also see the signal strength on the bar graph on the display of your receiver if it is available. If all the bars are visible it means you are receiving the best signal, and that is the ideal position for the antenna. After fixing the antenna in that position, with the screws and brackets that are supplied, you have to carefully route the connecting cable so that it is not twisted or crimped in any place. If the cable that is supplied is not enough you will have to go in for an extension, which matches the cable type.

The Sirius Tuner Antenna for a vehicle, is a very small device and is supplied along with the tuner. It usually looks like a small box, approximately having 2 or 3 inch dimensions. The Sirius Tuner Antenna for the car will have a strong magnetic base, so that it can be anchored on to any flat metallic portion of your vehicle. The best place for it is on the roof, without its line of sight to the sky, being obstructed by any roof-rack or other mechanical obstructions.