Sirius Tuner 2008

Sirius Tuners have dominated the market because of the popularity of Sirius Satellite Radio Service. There are more than 120 radio stations available on this commercial-free broadcasting service. Music dominates the channels with more than 65 channels devoted only to music. There are genres like Rock, Jazz, Pop, Hip-Hop, Classical, blues, Latin, International and many more. The music is broadcasted in high fidelity digital audio and you can get a very good audio output, provided you have the right receiver and audio system. The sport channels on this service cover all the favourite league games like NFL, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, Soccer. There is also complete coverage of the PGA Tour, Horse racing and news from the world of sport from all over the world. There is entertainment available on this service for all age groups. The Disney channel is available for kids, the comedy channel will keep everybody entertained and there is the other channel like E! Entertainment as well. The news channels include popular channels like Fox news, CNBC and so on. The coverage includes topics like Financial news, World news, Weather and traffic.

To receive this excellent service you need to pay a monthly subscription and have a Sirius Tuner. Tuners are available in many models, and there are ones meant for homes and there are those designed for vehicles. The important thing is that the Sirius Tuner should be compatible with your receiver or head unit of your vehicle. Certain model of Sirius Tuner will be made for a specific model of car like for example, for 2008 model. So that Sirius Tuner will only be compatible with 2008 vehicle, or a particular after market stereo of 2008. Sometimes when the tuner is not compatible you will need a Sirius interface or an adapter cable.

The Sirius Tuner SC-C1Universal will connect to your Kenwood receiver, using the CA-SR20V adapter cable. This adapter will also work with all Kenwood multimedia receivers that use the KAB Bus system, and which are of 2008 and later models. You will get full integration, and you will be able to see the channel name and number, title of song and artist name on the display of your stereo. You will also be able to set the presets of your favourite radio channels.

The package for connecting to your 2008 Kenwood stereo, includes, the Sirius SC-C1 Universal Tuner, the CA-SR20V adapter cable, a roof mount antenna with a powerful magnetic base, and all the other connecting cables. The Kenwood SiriusConnect CA-SR20V adapter works with your 2008 or later Kenwood stereo, or a compatible Sirius portable radio like the Sportster, Starmate, Stratus or Stiletto. It is also able to power your satellite radio so that you do not have to worry about the battery of your radio running low.

The Sirius Tuner for your 2008 Kenwood stereo, itself is quite compact with dimensions of 3-3/8 inches width, 1-5/16 inches height and 5-3/4 inches depth. You can mount this easily and keep hidden from view. The antenna also is very small and comes with a 21 feet connecting cable. There  is channel search and scan feature in the tuner which you can control through your stereo.