Sirius Tuner

In this day of TV and Internet, radio entertainment is still quite popular. Many people are still glued to their radios, whether they are travelling or at home or office. There are thousands of radio channels being broadcast all over the world. The conventional radio stations usually have a broadcasting range of around 20 to 25 kilometer radius. All this has changed with the advent of the satellite radio. The Sirius Satellite Radio Service is one of the most popular in the United States. Sirius has placed three powerful satellites in geo-stationery orbit, above USA and their service is available coast to coast across mainland United States. This service is not available for Hawaii and a limited service is available in Alaska.

Sirius Satellite Radio service requires you to pay a monthly subscription fee, to receive their relay. This fee is well worth it, as you will get over 120 channels of quality entertainment in high fidelity sound. There are channels for music, news, sports, children, information and entertainment. Music itself has 65 channels covering all types, like Rock, Hip-Hop, Pop, Classical, Jazz and many more. The sport channels cover all the exciting games of NBA, NFL, NHL, soccer, PGA Tour and many more. There are many news channels which have a good coverage of happenings in the United States and the world. The news channels cover topics which are general, related to politics, finance, weather and even traffic. Entertainment channels are there catering for all age groups from Disney to E! Entertainment.

Apart from paying the subscription, you will need a Sirius satellite radio or a Sirius Tuner to receive the signals of Sirius Satellite Radio Service. Due to the popularity of this radio service many companies are manufacturing Sirius Tuners apart from Sirius itself. The Sirius Tuner comes in  many models and designs. Each tuner is suitable for a particular listening environment like in a home, or in a vehicle or in a boat. The Sirius Tuner designed for home use, will have an antenna and all the other components needed for installation, and will be sold as a complete kit. The tuner is usually not a stand-alone device and will need a receiver to give the audio output. The Sirius Tuner for home, will be designed to seamlessly integrate into your Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready, AV receiver or your home theater system. Once you have successfully connected the tuner to the antenna and your receiver you will be able to control the tuner, through the control panel of your receiver. The information regarding the channel name and number, the song title, the artist name and all that will be displayed on your receiver's display screen.

The Sirius Tuner built for vehicle use will be compact and designed to integrate with your head unit or car stereo. Different companies make various models which are designed for a particular vehicle company's head unit or for after market stereos.  Many companies are now making a type of Sirius Tuner which is portable. You can detach it from your vehicle and bring it home, provided in both the places you have installed the proper docking kits.