Sirius Starmate Replay

Sirius Satellite Radio has become a popular radio service in mainland United States. To receive this service you need to pay a monthly subscription to Sirius, and have a Sirius satellite radio. Many companies are making different models of radios that can receive the signals of Sirius Satellite Radio. The latest one is the Starmate Replay which is a very compact and rugged Sirius satellite radio. It can fit into the palm of your hand, and when you first handle it, you can feel that it has a superior design, and that the buttons are built for long-term use.

If you want to install the Starmate Replay in your vehicle, it should not take you more than fifteen minutes. You can easily mount this radio on your windshield, using the supplied, suction cup mounting arm. The arm has a mounting plate, onto which you just snap on the radio. This plate is then attached to the arm via screws. You can also the mounting plate on to a custom bracket, without the arm. The radio also comes with a velcro strip, so that you can attach the radio on your dashboard or console. Next is attaching the antenna, which has a powerful magnetic base, so that you can just place it on the roof of your car or on the trunk lid. The wire has to trailed carefully and placed under the weather stripping so that it does not get pinched every time the door is closed. Now the power cable is to be attached to the power plug on your dashboard and you are set to receive more than 120 channels of quality entertainment from Sirius Satellite Radio service.

Starmate Replay has a pleasant blue colored display. You can control the brightness and contrast settings, so that it is visible during day time and also not very bright during the night. The large size of the font makes it quite easy to read at more than an arms distance.

The main feature of the Starmate Replay, as its name suggests, is the replay function. You can pause, record and replay live radio stream with this device. Just by clicking the pause button, you will pause the current program that is playing. When you are done and want to start listening again, you just press on the pause button a second time, and your broadcast will start from where you had left off. This Replay feature is a powerful function, and can be used in many different ways. For example, if you are listening to a song that you do not like, and you had enjoyed the previous song, you can just press the rewind button and it will take you to the previous one. After listening to it again you do not want to listen to the next one which you had previously avoided, you can press the fast forward button and it will take you to the current song which is broadcast in real time. The Starmate Replay is capable of buffering half an hour of the program you are listening to.