Sirius Starmate 4 Satellite Radio

The popularity of Sirius satellite radio programming has created a steady demand for satellite radios in the market. There are many well known companies manufacturing different types of Sirius radios in all price ranges. The latest models are plug-and-play type, which are also portable and can be transferred from the vehicle to the house and vice-versa. Many people are preferring such models as they are very sleek and compact and also provide a saving from taking multiple subscriptions. The same radio can be used in your car and home, provided you have fitted the proper docking kits. 

The Sirius Starmate 4 Satellite Radio is a popular plug-and-play model preferred by many people. The radio comes as a package along with a car kit and includes a wireless remote, a magnetic car antenna, a FM extender antenna, cigarette lighter power adapter, an adjustable mounting kit with suction cup and the required connecting cables. You can also buy the home kit separately to dock this radio for home use. 

The Sirius Starmate 4 Satellite Radio is very sleek in appearance and has a pleasant blue color, 4-line display. The first line shows you the channel name and number, and the second and third lines informs you of the song title and artist name. The last line is for displaying the signal strength meter, channel category, clock and the preset bank. You can change the font size, by pressing the display button, and you will get the artist name and song title scrolling in a single line. It is also possible to manually control the contrast and brightness of the display. 

Tuning this radio is very easy and you can do it in many ways. You can scroll through the channels in numerical order, or by channel category. You can also scroll through the currently playing artist names or song titles. It is also possible to directly tune into a channel by entering the 3-digit channel number using the numeric keypad. You can also preset 30 of your favourite channels, in 3 banks of 10 channels each. You can then tune in directly by selecting a preset band and entering the required preset number on the numeric keypad. 

The Sirius Starmate 4 Satellite Radio, is loaded with different features which will give you ease of control and enhance your listening experience. The Memo function allows you to store data, regarding your favourite artist, song or sports team. You can make up to 30 of such listings. This stored information is used when you activate the S-Seek function. This function will alert you whenever your stored favourite song or artist is playing on any of the channels. The Game Alert function will alert you when your favourite team is playing on an incoming channel. Pressing the Game Zone button, brings up the names of the current sport matches, on the display screen. If you have a channel that you tune into frequently, then you can program that channel number into the Jump button. Whenever you press this button it will quickly tune into the programed channel. If you press it again it will take you back to the station you were previously listening.